Monday, July 18, 2011

I Found An Extreme Leftist

A 68-year old extreme leftist, published on a blog in Hebrew, a rant calling for blood, calling on Arabs to fill up ambulances with dead Jews.


Here's the post site.

Rivers of Zionist blood throughout Palestine. Bombs. Terror.


His name is Albert Shani and here are excerpts from a Google translation:

...Remember the days of [the] Al-Aqsa [intifada]? The blood that was spilled in the cities and streets of Israel? Oh, those were the days.

...Distressing to see the Palestinians, who had long been an international symbol of national struggle, the liberation of rubella, immersed in this miserable condition. But they have no right to complain to anyone! They brought it on themselves, the Palestinians can not complain for a minute on the shameful situation they find themselves in since the Israeli disengagement from Gaza.

They could fire missiles on Israel and "belittled" during the Second Lebanon War. But Hezbollah leaders preferred to use the short - term. Hamas was able to get to northern Israel, but confined itself to Ashdod - Ashkelon. It has prevented Palestinian citizens of Israel from going out in rebellion, as did residents of Egypt. But they sit idly by and do nothing.

...I'm not talking about throwing stones at tanks or bombs are negligible. I'm talking about blowing up buses in Beersheba, Jerusalem, Haifa. Terrorist attacks using live ammunition. I'm talking about rivers of blood scores throughout occupied Palestine.

Fill out the ambulances to the brim, the Zionists will have to import ambulances from Cyprus. They blew up the ships using explosives, who as you know made these...And no doubt you were right. Arafat was right. Only with blood and fire we will redeem Palestine.

Yes, there are left-wing lunatics and extremists.

(k/t = Aviad)


Juniper in the Desert said...

Mentally ill. If he is Jewish I pity him, must be horrible having to live with someone you hate so much!! ;))

ד"פ said...

I tend to believe the thesis of this left extremist blog. I don't think there is a such person.