Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Next Islamic Anti-Israel Protest Coming

Wait for September:

September 17, 2011

PARTICIPATE at the Dead Sea for a new installation by artist Spencer Tunick

World-renowned contemporary artist Spencer Tunick for his first project in Israel is inviting hundreds of participants to take part nude in a human installation that is committed to raise awareness for the disappearing Dead Sea.

Volunteers who agree to participate arrive at a specific time and shed their clothing. With the help of his support team, Tunick then organizes and directs the participants as a group to the position he desires and the moment is captured.

You will only be nude for a short period of time.

In exchange for your participation, you will receive a limited edition print of the installation.

To participate in this art event, please click here.

Participants will be contacted closer to the date of the art event with arrival time and further instructions.

Only participants will be allowed in the vicinity of the art event.

Please note that there are space limitations.

Ari Fruchter (Curator/Producer)
Elinor Lechtman (Producer)

Observant Jews need not apply.
September 17th is a Shabbat.

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