Wednesday, July 20, 2011

NIF Explains Boycott

As some of my friends pointed out, it is amazing that the NIF finds itself is such a situation, and I would add: as if it is "on four", as we say in Hebrew, that the NIF feels the need to explain its anti-BDS stance, as it is - and you'll judge for yourselves - to a blog which cannot bring itself to support fully and unreservedly the existence of a Jewish state within any borders, and advances time and again explicit anti-Semitic narratives which are often indistinguishable from those of the extreme right. Mondoweiss even refused to condemn the killers of the Fogel children.

Here are sections of the NIF statement:
The New Israel Fund arrived at its current BDS policy after much thoughtful debate...We do not fund organizations with global BDS programs, although organizations involved in specific boycotts of settlement goods and services are not disqualified from funding...NIF does not oppose global BDS to retain “privilege” for Israel’s Jewish majority...we continue to support those [Israeli civil rights] groups despite the extraordinary controversy it entails from those who do not understand why we would fund organizations that reject the Zionist narrative...

We believe that global BDS is a counter-productive and inflammatory strategy...That said, Professor Chazan acknowledged in Australia that it is generally a legitimate, non-violent tool of democratic action. It is not one that we support or fund. We are not “aggressively campaigning” against the global BDS movement...

That was from Naomi Paiss, Director of Communications for the New Israel Fund.

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Juniper in the Desert said...

Naomi Piss?? Says it all!!