Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Look Who Is Blockading Gaza Now

According to this official Iranian site, it's Egypt:-

The Scottish-to-Gaza aid convoy had received legal permission from all venues to enter Gaza but was rejected entrance at the Rafah crossing, says an activist.

In an interview with Press TV, Dr. Hasan Nowarah, a peace activist for Justice for Palestine, and a member of the Scottish aid convoy stuck at the Rafah crossing, gives a detailed account of his travel to the Rafah border, and subsequent rejection to enter Gaza.
Nowarah: We have [received] no excuse or any information for them denying our entry to Rafah.

...we were interviewed by the intelligence of Egypt in Alexandria and even the ordinary police. They took our IDs, they took our vehicles, and they took all our documentation and welcomed us to Egypt and said we can go after a week being stranded in Alexandria. The convoy joined us and we travelled from Alexandria to Rafah border...now they're telling me in the Rafah border that they're not aware of us coming, of our existence, that there was a convoy coming...While he was interviewing me, to my surprise, he opened his folders and I saw with my own eyes, and with Mr. Sharif who was dealing with us at the time, all our details were there...We have two 18 ton trucks and two other vehicles to be used by doctors and nurses between hospitals, and big trucks to be used by mobile hospitals. We have the equipment to refit a mobile hospital.

...Despite me seeing the papers, the official said that he was sorry and that he takes his orders from Cairo, not from us.

So, it that a blockade or bureaucracy?

Or maybe it's Iran?

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