Thursday, July 21, 2011

Can Jews Live in a "Palestine"?

The Economist is carrying an article: Might some stay? on the theme of "It is conceivable that some Jewish settlers could remain in a Palestinian state".

Some excerpts: pressure on Israel to pull out mounts, some Palestinians and some Jewish settlers have begun to contemplate what the future might hold, if and when the army leaves...A former head of the Israeli prime minister’s office, who lives in Ofra settlement on the West Bank [Uri Elitzur], backs a single state in which Palestinians and Israelis share full political rights. Other settlers have voiced support for the concept of “parallel states”, in which Jews and Arabs would owe their allegiance to separate parliaments but share a single territory and army. Yet others propose that settlers should stay on the West Bank—under Palestinian rule...
...In 2009 the then chief Palestinian negotiator, Ahmed Qurei, told his Israeli counterpart, Tzipi Livni, that Jews would be free to live under Palestinian rule...Yet raising such fundamental questions jangles many nerves. The Palestinian Authority under President Mahmoud Abbas has repeatedly sought to block joint projects between Jewish settlements and neighbouring Arab villages for fear that co-operation would make the settlers feel more at home...Some religious leaders among the settlers preach that both secular Jewish and non-Jewish rule are objectionable. They argue that it is more important to stay on what they deem to be Jewish land, even if it falls under a Palestinian government. Others, however, vow to fight...Other tricky questions remain...Most awkward of all, how would a Palestinian government disarm settlers who insisted on retaining self-defence militias?

Except for ignoring the major change, that Mahmoud Abbas supports an apartheid policy of no Jews in "Palestine", and go here for the whole apartheid poster set, - and how did they not work it's way into the Economist piece - nothing new.

But the antisemitism dripping in the comments required a response.
So This comment was left there:

a) if Arabs can live in Israel, what's there to wonder whether Jews can and should be able to live in a "Palestine", if it ever can establish itself?

b) since there is hestitation, is it because all know that the first thing the Arabs in "Palestine" would do is continue to kill Jews, this time with impunity, just as they have been doing since 1920 and in 1921, in 1929, 1936-1939 and 1947-1949 in the Mandate riots and War of what-the-called Extermination? and then continued in terror acts of the fedayeen and PLO before 1967, with no "occupation" and no "settlements"?

c) actually, the only constant and persistent ethnic cleansing operations were by Arabs against Jews who resided in the homeland in the cities of Jerusalem, Hebron, Gaza, Shchem, Jenin and other places for centuries all throughoput the Mandate period.

d) but if no Jews should live in Judea and Samaria, why should Arabs live in Israel? If there is to be a peace based on Judenrein areas, let's empty out Arab-populated regions, move the Arabs to "Palestine" and be finished with all the firction and tension and violence? Or is that immoral? And if so, why only toward Arabs but Jews, not?

e) as for stolen lands, let's get it straight, Arabs invaded, conquered and occupied the Landof Israel in 634 CE. They set up settlements, economically deprived the Jewish [populace which had held on under Roman, Byzantine and Persian rules and then systemically let the countryside go waste.

As for Jewish "rights" to any territory, and we know Hamas rejects any and all, as for the PLO and Abbas, review this.  And as for Fayyad's statement, read Daniel Pipes.  And for a sum-up, read this of Emmanuele Ottolenghi from less than a month ago.

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