Monday, September 06, 2010

The Tradition of Time/Newsweek Magazine Covers



Did anyone say anti-Israel, anti-Jewish?

Omri has some more here.

And check out Honest Reporting.

(Kippah tip: JD)

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Anonymous said...

While they're both Nazi, one is time the other is news week. Both are suffering a slow death and hopefully the Kleins and Alters will be out on their kapo butts,

Anonymous said...

A Goy- The article states that the Israeli- Palestinian conflict ranks 5th priority for Israelis, what time does not understand however is that Israelis don't even believe in the existence of the Palestinian nationality- instead Palestinians are simply termed "arab refugees." Furthermore, stop your crying, Time is not anti-Israeli you all know as well as I that Israel has a complete monopoly over the entire American media. Fine this ONE article may make you look bad but, lets face it this article will in no way affect public opinion because by the next day that person would have seen, read, or heard a hundred times more pro Israeli anti Arabic news.

Anonymous said...

Ariel Sharon successfully sued Time for libel