Friday, September 03, 2010

The Level of Antisemitism Rises


First, in 2001, it was "sh*tty little Israel". That was a French ambassador.

Recently, it was "scum". That was the Finnish head of Amnesty International.

Before that, a Swedish journalist accused IDF soldiers of "harvesting bodies".

Now, Jonathan Hoffman sent me this:

He also said that there was “a belief among most Jews, religious and secular alike, that they are right. And belief is something difficult to fight with rational arguments. It is therefore not easy, even when you have a conversation with a moderate Jew, to speak about what is happening in the Middle East."

The "he" is the EU trade commissioner, Karel De Gucht.

Imagine that. We think we're right.

De Gucht, you are so wrong.

When you stoop to that irrational, silly, illogical type of thinking, you are an idiot.

De Gucht also said:

“Do not underestimate the Jewish lobby on Capitol Hill…on American policy, whether on Republicans or Democrats. “It is the best organised lobby there.”

You bet.

With enemies like you, we need to be the best.

We even can recruit Dita Van Teese:

She is an ecdysiast and has filed a lawsuit against her former landlord for making antisemitic remarks - despite the fact that she isn't even not Jewish but suffered nonetheless:.

Ms Von Teese said the comments came after she told her landlord she was leaving the property and wanted her £3,200 deposit back. According to court documents filed in Los Angeles, the landlord "went on Mel Gibson-like antisemitic tangents, personally attacking [Ms Von Teese’s] Jewish managers and business managers.”

He also allegedly warned her to “beware of Jews” because “in your business no one can do anything without them. “Jews they have shucks [sic] the whole world dry and still more to come."

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Shtuey said...

Actually, I think the Saudis have a better lobby than we do, and I imagine that De Gucht is probably on the Saudi payroll.

And what does a "rational" conversation on the Middle East sound like? "I can't understand why you Jews won't commit suicide on behalf of creating yet another Arab state? What's the matter with you people?"

Anonymous said...

Come join my group on Facebook against the Finn's remarks. I sent you an invite but you did not join yet. I want to gather 10,000 people to sign a petition to Amnesty to get him dismissed.