Friday, April 30, 2010

Remember, Shiloh Is Also A Perfume

I posted about Shiloh perfume once upon a time and I'm glad that the following review I caught proves that anything to do with Shiloh - perfume, wine, babies, et al. - is a very good thing (I am guessing this was written in a language other than English and translated):-

I´ve tested both Shiloh and Lady Shiloh I have to admit, I´m really impressed with both of them. You can read more about Hors La Monde and their scents, jewelry and more right here:

Well, I´m really, really impressed with Shiloh...Shiloh´s opening is wonderfully irresistible, if you can imagine a perfect mix between Noir Epices (also by M. Roudnitska) and Yohji Yamamoto´s Yohji. Shiloh shines, radiates and rises of my skin like the first ray of lights in a magical sunrise. It´s at the same time highly concentrated and yet, delicatly transparent. It´s citrus notes together with adehydes so hightuned I suspect they togehter can break glass and I´m surprised that i can´t see this powerful scent on my skin, it is so powerful and magis I almost expect it to be visable.

The scents calms down a little during the heart note, but still with citrus left, even though the aldehydes have gone to rest, now I can smell the soft, powdery, calm and very sensual notes of rose. Everything in Shiloh smells carefully prepared, expensive and superb quality. The heart notes is very comfortable, warm, open and timeless. Eventually there is a darkness coming through in Shiloh, I imagine a red darkness if such a thing could excist.

Notes of oakmoss, patchouli and noble woods gives a deep to Shiloh. Usually I´m having a hard time with oakmoss and chyprebase, discoveres that i for the very first time actually enjoys and aprreciate a very concrete chyprebase. No, Shiloh isn´t really one of those modern chypres with a wannabe-chypre base, at least my nose thinks of it as a real, but still very easy assecible chypre base. Still, Shiloh is much nicer and friendlier than for instant Bandit. But I hope Shiloh proves to be a "keyscent" for me, a scent that helps me understand and appreciate other chypre bases in perfumes. You know, a perfumista that don´t like chypres feels kind of one-legged... ;)

Well, the base in Shiloh is more than oakmoss, I can almost smell a sublime sweetness from vanilla and a lingering note of smoky incense. The basenote is dark, smoky, multidimensional and saturated. Shiloh isn´t a scent for girls, but apart from that i think it´s very suitable for most ages. Shiloh has good sillage and good lasting power.

Shiloh is a must to try for anyone that likes genuin, well made and beautiful quality perfume. Don´t miss this beauty, even though I´m quite contempt to keep it to myself.

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