Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More Anti-Obama's Crusade Criticism

Elliott Abrams, senior fellow for Middle East studies at the Council on Foreign Relations, asks or wonders:-

Who Speaks for the Palestinians?

Will proximity talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority soon begin? While both Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President Abbas have said they hope so, the matter is no longer in the hands of the Palestinians but in those of the Arab League foreign ministers--who meet May 1..

First, Abbas is now refusing to make any decision about peace, instead deferring to Arab states...Second, putting the Arab League in charge magnifies the influence of bad actors. is a diminished Abbas who will visit here. Once again the Arab states intrude deeply into the “peace process,” and as always they will have their own national interests at heart--not the fate of the Palestinians.

Abbas certainly bears great responsibility for this development, but one can’t hold George Mitchell and Obama policy harmless. Fifteen months of Obama diplomacy have not only badly damaged U.S.-Israel relations and produced no peace talks, they have also undermined Palestinian autonomy...

Not to mention Israel's government ability to rule.

In destroying Netanyahu's standing, he can only get a more right-wing coalition after Obama's crusade.
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