Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It Works Even "Better" From the Other Side

I know Rami Elhanan well. From around 1982 or so when his graduating portfolio work at Bezalel Academy was a political campaign presentation of Geula Cohen and Uri Avnery.

His daughter was killed in a terrorist attack on Ben Yehudah Street in 1997. His wife, Nurit Peled, is an extreme left-winger.

Here is is explaining why he reached the radical political stance he has adopted:

I was a pure product of a cultural-educational and political system that brainwashed me, poisoned my consciousness and prepared me and others of my generation for sacrifice on the altar of the homeland, without any superfluous questions, in the innocent belief that if we did not do it, they would throw us – the second generation after the Holocaust – into the Mediterranean Sea.


Of course, any ideology, any 'cultural-educational and political system' can produce an outlook which 'poisons', which prepares for 'sacrifice' and which presents an 'innocent belief' as true.

Especially a progressive, left-wing one.

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