Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Obama War on Jerusalem

Jonathan Tobin zeroes in on a knight in a suit of -not-so-shiny armor on a crusade:

Is Obama Winning His War on Jerusalem?

...The American pressure on Jerusalem is a break from the past because no previous administration has ever made an issue of the building of homes for Jews in neighborhoods that were founded in the aftermath of the unification of the city in 1967. The United States has never recognized Israel’s sovereignty over any part of the city, including the parts that were held by the Jews at the time of the 1949 armistice that ended Israel’s War of Independence. But Obama breaks from past administrations when he insists that that Jewish neighborhoods in the city founded after 1967 are merely illegal “settlements,” no different from the most West Bank outpost. This is an implicit American endorsement of the Palestinian claim

...While Netanyahu has agreed to a two-state solution and even agreed to a freeze on settlements in the West Bank, the Palestinians’ supposedly moderate leader Mahmoud Abbas won’t even sit and negotiate in the same room with the Israelis. Nor is there any reason to believe the so-called proximity talks that Obama is so eager to launch...

...Obama’s war on Jerusalem has not brought peace closer. His pressure on Israel has helped to harden the Palestinians rejectionist position on Jerusalem as the call for a freeze in the city means the Palestinians are likely to demand an Israeli evacuation of the neighborhoods where U.S. officials treat Jewish housing starts as an “insult.” This has made the already dim prospects for peace even more unlikely. But one thing the administration has accomplished is to change the terms of argument about Jerusalem...the president has done more in the last six weeks to undermine Israel’s hold on Jerusalem than a generation of Arab propaganda.


dprosenthal said...

Might I point out yet again that since the beginning of recorded history, lands conquered in war have always become the property of the conquering nation. It is only in hope of living in peace that Israel has already given up some of the land it obtained in battle, and may still be willing to give up more, but Israel will NEVER give up Jerusalem.

YMedad said...

You surely certainly may.


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