Saturday, January 02, 2010

Silly Jews

Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss of New York City and three other men holding American and Canadian citizenship spent a Shabbat in Gaza.

They were there in July:

a) blessing a future suicide bomber?

b) so they do recognize Jerusalem? As an Arab city?

c) ah, they're walking away with the Dome of the Rock?

d) now a geography lesson:

e) wow, the Integral Land of Greater Israel!

Now, tell me, have you seen anything more silly than that?


Amihai said...

Yet they are still jews.
We must not make the same mistake they did, that is to say hatred of other jews and willingness to sacrifice them.
There his still hope they make Tshuva :

After the Shoah, Satmar leader (I can't remember his name) wrote a beautiful book of Ahavat Israel, changing his mind about Israel(at least partially, not calling for its destruction).
And one of the NK rabanim who met the iranian amalek did Tshuva last year.

That is in fact to my mind the most important thing to do now. Unite all jews into living together and loving each other, whatever what they think about minhagim, geoula or anything else.

YMedad said...


The book is Em HaBanin Smeicha by Shlomo Teichtel and has been translated into English.

BTW, his sons are borderline NK and fought to prevent the book's republication as it supports Zionism.h

nahum said...

Plenty of informations can be found here
While the adress and tel nos are probably changed, the biographical infos are self evident. These clowns are a mentally ill person plus an abuser of his own mother, a Shabbat violator, another that has been abused in his childhood and so on.