Thursday, January 28, 2010

Antizionism Blogs A Haven for Antisemites

I know that antizionists claim not to be antisemites.


But their sites attract them nevertheless.

For example, here:-

"There's nothing magical about the 'success' of jews -- they're simply a highly organized and networked gang of thieves and murderers that have been perfecting their craft for over 2,000 years."


Unknown said...

Antisemitism is plain racism, as this example shows.
Antizionism is not racism. It's the rejection of a certain political school. Zionism is nationalism in its most extreme form.
There is nothing wrong with being against extreme nationalism, is there?

YMedad said...

Ho, Ho, Ho. I have everything against extreme sophism. Zionism is not, I repeat, not extreme nationalism but quite normative.