Friday, January 22, 2010

So What If Senator Brown Posed Naked

We have nothing to be ashamed of.

For, who is he:-

He grew up in Canarsie, Brooklyn to Jewish parents, Ira and Lois and went to Camp Lokanda in Glen Spey, New York. He is the former lead singer of the group Biohazard and portrayed Jaz Hoyt in the HBO prison drama Oz for the majority of the series' six-year run (40 episodes total). His character was the leader of the prison's biker gang and an ally of the Aryan Brotherhood, a white supremacist racist gang that detested (amongst others) Blacks and Jews. In certain episodes of season 6, the Star of David tattoo on his belly] can be clearly seen. He was married to adult film star Tera Patrick (*), has performed with her in seven films under the stage name "Spyder Jonez", including Reign of Tera and Teradise Island (which he also directed), Tera, Tera, Tera, and Desperate. In the final scene of Reign of Tera, he performs in an orgy featuring 10 Asian porn stars as the sole male.

and he is...?

Evan Seinfeld

A tribe member.

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(Kippah tip: RA)


From an interview with his former wife:

You’ve been in tons of movies. What is your favorite scene that you’ve starred in?
My first scene for Teravision. It was in a movie called Tera Tera Tera and it was with my husband. He was really nervous. I went easy on him ... no I didn’t. It was funny. Our dog kept walking into the shot.

So I take it your husband likes doing porn?
Yeah, I think so. He’s living the dream of the porn star life. Every guy has that fantasy.

How did you meet Evan?
I met Evan in 2003. I saw him on the TV show OZ and thought he was really hot. They show full frontal male nudity on that show. I like shaved heads and tattoos. I called around and ended up finding a photographer that knew him. We set it up and Evan flew out to LA to meet me and we fell in love.

So it was love at first sight?

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