Sunday, January 31, 2010

How the Goldstone Report Circles Its Own Tail

Here is a paraphrase of someone's interpretation of what's wrong with the Goldstone Report:

Human Right's Watch relies in its reports on Hamas operatives and fellow travelers who gather "evidence" and "testimony", all of which is tainted in that it is not independent nor impartial.

It then packages all of that it into reports which accuse and pillory Israel of war crimes and other supposed violations of human rights. These report form the basis of the HRW lobbying effort of Richard Goldstone, who himself is a former HRW board member, that he include this evidence in his Report, a magnum opus.

On the basis of that Report, HRW then demands that courts and other international bodies take action on what is re-packaged HRW reporting, and then promotes the independence of these courts.

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