Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Israel and UK vs. Security Risk Offenders

Israel has been the target of criticism, local and from abroad, over the way it treats suspects who might present a security risk, either at airports, at roadblocks or other sites. Profiling, et al.

How does the UK deal with a parallel problem?

Simple, actually:-

More than 3,000 football hooligans will be banned from travelling [sic] to South Africa for the World Cup, the Government confirmed today.

Measures to stop troublemakers who are currently barred from watching matches from going to the tournament this summer will be passed in the Commons in the coming weeks, according to the Home Office. The step will allow Home Secretary Alan Johnson to impose a "control period" on approximately 3,200 hooligans who are currently subject to banning orders.

Banning orders prevent hooligans from attending football matches in England and mean they have to surrender their passports to police before international football matches.

...The powers are part of the process whereby officials try to prevent England fans from being able to cause trouble during international events...

"Police will monitor all England fans on departure and intercept any known to pose a risk of violence or disorder, and we are working closely with South African authorities to help minimise any safety and security risks associated with hosting a major football tournament."

Figures released by the Home Office last month revealed the number of football hooligans arrested by the police fell last season.


Val said...

The hooligans will be prevented from travelling (correct British-English spelling of the word!) on the basis of their prior behaviour. They are not being singled out on the basis of their ethnicity or religious affiliation. It is on this point that your comparison fails.

YMedad said...

They are profiled for their behavior, and Arabs should be, too. I weote "paraellel" and not exactly the same.

Unknown said...

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