Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Confused About "Settlements"

Pay attention:

Just recently, the Knesset passed a law which would allow Jewish settlements inside Israel (not to be confused with West Bank settlements), build on public state land, to forbid Arab citizens from purchasing a home within them.

That purposeful obfuscating between Israeli rule within the Green Line and without was from here and written by one Noam Sheizaf.

He describes himself as "a freelance journalist and editor. I worked for Ha-ir local paper in Tel Aviv, for Ynet.co.il and for Maariv daily paper. My last job was as a deputy editor on Maariv’s weekend magazine. I was born in Ramat-Gan; now I live and work in Tel Aviv."

Now do you know why Israel has a problem?

Here, he makes it clearer:

Among leftist bloggers who write in English, we joke that after one raises a critical or controversial issue, you start by being praised by those fighting for peace and civil liberties, than by anti-Israelis, later on by anti-Semites, and finally by Holocaust deniers. Naturally, many of these responses are not exactly what we aim for, but still, we think that some of Israel’s actions – more and more lately – deserve to be criticized publicly. The truth – about the West Bank, or about Gaza, or about civil liberties in Israel – must be told, even if it occasionally leads to some unfortunate consequences.

And let me make Noam clearer:

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