Tuesday, January 13, 2009

How Big Is Gaza? And Its Population Is...?

Gaza, according to Wikipedia is about 41 kilometers (25 miles) long, and between 6 and 12 kilometers (4–7.5 miles) wide, with a total area of 360 square kilometers (139 square miles). Population: 1,500,202 (July 2008 est., CIA World Factbook).

Now, for fun, what's your estimate of the population within the Gaza outline in any of the two maps below (there are more if you want to continue playing) that would put the lie to the Arab claim of Gaza being the nmost densely populated location on earth (which I've dealt with here):

Found here at Martin Kramer's SandBox and credited to this source.


Dr Abdel R. Omran, who teaches at the University of Maryland and George Washington University, states in his booklet, 'The Middle East Population Puzzle', that "Middle Eastern culture, religion and politics tend to encourage large families."

"But despair, coupled with no resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has also led many Gazans, and the women in particular, to a state of apathy in regard to birth control," says Zayan.

"I've asked some women, with unemployed husbands, who have eight children but are pregnant yet again, why they keep having more children. They just shrug their shoulders and ask, 'What does it matter, we have no future', or tell me, 'God will provide'."

The current conflict has also disempowered women from asserting themselves in regard to their reproductive rights as they are low down in the pecking order in a society that is being torn apart at the seams, said Zayan.

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