Friday, January 30, 2009

Netanyahu - For The Record: No Evacuation/Dismantlement

Netanyahu: I'm not bound by Olmert pledges, won't evacuate settlements

Likud Party Chairman Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday said he would not be bound by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's commitments to evacuate West Bank settlements and withdraw from the territories.

"I will not keep Olmert's commitments to withdraw and I won't evacuate settlements. Those understandings are invalid and unimportant," Netanyahu said.


Anonymous said...

I often comment on a rightwing blog in this country called 'mariestwocents" (we use to have a Twocent coin in this country), suppose thats where the expression comes from. So for whats its worth here are my "two cents worth" on Benyamin Netanyahu's recent statements on settlements on the west bank. When has Israel benefited from giving back land to the Arabs---tunnels from the Sinai, rockets from Gaza and Lebanon, next artillary from the Golan Heights?? Peace thru appeasement---hasn't that always failed! I don't know much about the inner working of you various political parties,Likud, Kadima, Yisrael Beiteinu, and Meretz. I do know however, that when the policies of a party fail then that party or coalition of parties should have to pay at the ballot box.

I fear for the state of Israel. As an American southerner my part of the states is the only part of America that has ever tasted defeat and conquest in war. We know the pain of defeat and occupation. We know how it feels,even to this day, how it is to be looked upon as second class citizens and to be thought of as igorant and backward rednecks. But if Israel loses it struggle with the forces allied against it there will be not occupation only extermination!!

g said...

"When has Israel benefited from giving back land to the Arabs"

It's not up to israeli, they have been ordered to evacuate and that what they should do, if they want to move towards peace.This is the land that belongs to Palestine.

Ron, if you know what it is like to be "looked upon as second class citizens" and to be "under occupation" then you know how Palestinians feel right now.