Friday, January 23, 2009

Ass Backwards

Muslims face Mecca when they pray.

Jerusalem is north of Mecca, so Muslims face south when in the city.

And if they are on the Temple Mount, and there are too many for the El-Aqsa Mosque, they will congregate outside and face south, thus positioning their posteriors to the most sacred section of the area for the Jews, where the Foundation Stone was inside the Temple sanctuary.

And when that happens, it looks like this:-

No respect, I guess, for the Dome of the Rock or for any other religion's holy sites.
That's just the way it is.


Mark said...

...and all the Jews of Efrat turn their back on Hebron as they turn to Jerusalem for the Amidah.

Does this mean that they really don't care about Hebron and should be made to give it up?


YMedad said...

Well, you are technically right but wrong in principle. You see, if the Muslims really consider the "Temple Mount" as their third most holy site, they'd have found a more decorous way of expressing their religious devotion. Of course, if only El-Aqsa is really important and not the area around the Dome of the Rock, as expressed in the way they display themselves, then let them not claim the whole Temple Mount is theirs and off-limits to Jews.