Sunday, July 13, 2008

Zambish Defended; A House Divided?

I seem to have perhaps missed something (and I will search for it)*.

Ze'ev Chever, known as Zambish, was attacked by those forces seeking a more proactive and radical approach to defending the Land of Israel and its settlement. A group of Rabbis (including S. Aviner, E. Bin-Nun, A. Giser, M. Hager, Y. Meidan, C. Porat among others) have come to his defense and published this ad:-

Zambish is the Secretary-General of Amana (no, not this Amana settlement group) which was established to promote in a very practical way the establishing of Jewish communities throught the Land of Israel. In its statement of purpose, it clarifies its

...primary goal of developing communities in Judea, Samaria, The Golan Heights, The Galilee, The Negev and Gush Katif. This goal includes not only the establishment of communities and their supportive industries and social services but their continued maintenance and development.

The critical nature of Amana's work lies in insuring a strong, vibrant presence in the only areas which can provide quality living for the inevitable overflow from the crowded Tel Aviv, coastal region. This presence is a guiding force in protecting the conditions necessary for a Jewish State.

and defines its activities as:

Establishing communities – Drawing up the plans for building communities and securing the necessary political and bureaucratic approval

Organizing groups to found communities – Matching families with similar geographic and social characteristics to form a founding group of residents; Guiding the founding group toward understanding the financial, social and organizational frameworks necessary for a healthy community; Overseeing the initial move to the new community and the beginning stages of development

Supervising communities – Supervising all aspects of community life until independent capabilities have been firmly established; Utilizing decades of experience with governmental bodies and other professionals to form a strong social, organizational and financial foundation in the community

Absorption of new immigrants – Encouraging Amana communities to take an active role in the successful integration of immigrants by providing help in developing appropriate facilities, affordable housing, sources of funding, social services specific to absorption needs and more.

Recruiting new families – Increasing public awareness regarding the importance and availability of quality living in Amana's communities through advertising, marketing
and disseminating public information.

Building homes – Undertaking building projects in Amana communities with its associate company, "Binyanei Bar Amana", in which modest quality homes are built quickly at reasonable prices.

And I finally located, in Hebrew, the offending cause here. Seems a new "committee has made an appearance: "הוועד להפסקת שיתוף פעולה עם האויב" - the Committee to Halt Collaboration with the Enemy [the Government]", perhaps initiated by Noam Federman. Here's the poster the graphics of whoch are similar to Kach posters:

And here's another Hebrew article by Rabbi Dov Wolpe defending the use of the term "enemy".

Zambish's car tires have been punctered and flower pots at the entrance of his home in Kiryat Arba have been broken. There were previous polemical posters (see here and also here).

What did Lincoln say about a house divided?


Ben-Yehudah said...


Yet more proof that there are two, not one, Religious Zionist camps, the state worshipers, and the those who recognize the many stiroth between the Torah and state.

This poster includes the mamlachtim, including big time mamlachtim like Reem HaCohen, Sedan, and Azriel Ariel.

Surprised to see Rav E. Bin-Nun here. I didn't think he was that mamlachti. Is he?

YMedad said...

Yes. Very much so.