Thursday, June 29, 2006

Think About It

Yaakov Ahimeir, news presenter for IBA Channel One TV, has an op-ed in today's Maariv newspaper.

In it he asks a simple question:

Why was it that after months of terror activity, hundreds of Kassams and a general deterioration of security, it was only the abduction of one soldier that set off this "Summer Rains" operation in Gaza? And why are the IDF cannons continuing to fire into "launch areas" rather than better targets?

He continues:

Why was the extreme injury perpetrated against thousands of civilians in Sderot and Ashkelon as well as 45 rural and agricultural communities surrounding Gaza insignificant enough for a military response and yet just one soldier kidnapped set all this off?

And I add:

Why has the media launched into an attack on the late Eliyahu Asheri, blaming him for hitchhiking and the rest of Yesha's youth for continuing to do so but after just a few reports on the amazing ineptitude of the soldiers' performance and that of the IDF afterwards, all the criticism has died down?

Something is rotten in our political and military establishments.

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