Wednesday, June 21, 2006

But Is He a "Settler"?

Seth may be stupid, he may even be a criminal but is he a settler?

Haaretz is reporting:-

Settler charged over smuggling rifles from U.S.

A resident of the West Bank settlement of Tapuah was indicted Wednesday for allegedly smuggling sniper rifles from the United States.

Jeffrey Emanuel Seth, 39, was charged with illegally importing and possessing weapons, ammunition, and additional equipment from the U.S.

Seth, a new immigrant from the U.S., was arrested at the Haifa port June 11 after claiming a shipping container that contained a snipers' rifle, a bullet-making machine, gunpowder and cartridges that he had sent to himself from the U.S.

According to the charge sheet, the container imported from the U.S. contained two sniper rifles, 6,500 empty bullet cartridges and 49 boxes, each of which contained 100 bullet caps.

Seth arrived in Israel in March, and was known in Tapuah by the name Shmuel Zatam.

He arrived in March and was arrested in June. That's maybe three months by my count. I would think that if a generic term was justified it should have been "new immigrant" rather than "settler" (or revenant).

But this is Haaretz after all.

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