Monday, June 26, 2006

A Hoenlein Reflection

Rabbi (but not per President Katzav) Eric Yoffie had this to say about Malcolm's remarks:-

What is your general response to his remarks?

My view is that if the chief executive officer of the Presidents’ Conference, which represents all of American Jewry, is expressing a public view that he wants Israel to extend from Cairo to Damascus, that individual should resign. It’s an extreme view, it does not represent the opinion of the American Jewish community and is so far outside the mainstream, that it calls into doubt that individual’s ability to represent the community that he serves.

Note the emphasized sentence.

Hmmm. But isn't that how the far-left wing Zionists began in the U.S.? People even like Yoffie?

P.S. I know Malcolm for, gee, about 40 years now, since early SSSJ days and I would support the view that he was being futuristic, if not downright Messianic, and not current political.

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