Sunday, June 25, 2006

My Father's Advice

I read this and recalled words my late father told me and which I told my two sons.

The gunmen launched their attack at approximately 5:00 A.M. Eight militants infiltrated Israeli territory via a tunnel adjacent to the Kerem Shalom commercial crossing.

Upon emerging from the tunnel, the gunmen split up into three units, two of which blew up an unmanned armored personnel carrier which was entrenched in the ground.

My father served in a combat unit in the South Pacific in the framework of the Army Air Force. He spent two years in the island jungles but not in the front lines. But he always told me that while on guard duty, a good soldier would try to figure out how the enemy is looking at you. What is the enemy observing. And how would I, if I was that enemy, attack the post I am defending. I think you get the drift of the advice.

I imparted that to my two sons, both of whom served in combat units, in elite units, who actually fought and killed the enemy.

If you are in such a situation, go outside your body, look at the way you act from the other's point of view and be ready.

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