Thursday, June 29, 2006

Kafkafim Go Hollywood

Kafkafim is the Hebrew term for foot apparel that is called flip-flops in Hollywood.

How do I know?

Read on:-

Hollywood Casual, Down to Their Toes

IT was only recently that Donald De Line, a leading Hollywood producer and a keen observer of local trends, noted the onslaught of nearly naked feet, and not just on women.

Suddenly, flip-flops — those slabs of rubber with V-shaped slivers between the toes — are ubiquitous in what were once dressed-up settings.
"I was meeting with a director and a writer on a project, and they both were wearing flip-flops," said Mr. De Line, parking his pristine Mustang at the premiere party for "Superman Returns" at a Westwood theater. He was wearing Vans, shoes designed for skateboarders. He added: "I noticed, because that is definitely a new level of casual."

In a city that for decades has been leading America toward a more relaxed personal style, Los Angeles is once again resetting the standard for dressing down. No longer content to banish the necktie, untuck the shirttails and let the stubble grow wild, Angelenos this summer are enthusiastically adopting flip-flops — also known as thongs or beachcombers — to dinner, to meetings or even, last week, to a premiere.
"I've seen guys on the red carpet wearing flip-flops," said Vivian Turner, a celebrity stylist who has helped dress famous names like Sharon Stone, Lionel Richie and Geena Davis. "It's the first thing in the summertime: put on a great skinny suit with the shirt open and a pair of thongs. I totally approve. Thongs are cool."


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