Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Tendentious Talya

Talya Sasson wrote a report quite critical of Israel's civilian residency construction in the areas of the Jewish historic homeland set aside by international law for "close settlement" by Jews. (You can find it here.)

It didn't have an effect. But she's not going to give up.

So she claims in this Jerusalem Post report:

"The body that was established to attend to the problems of the Palestinian population, declares land as state land, enabling a de-facto settlement of the territories...If no steps are taken against what is going on today in the territories, a moral stain would hover over Israeli society as a whole."

But, dear Talya, it is the right of Israel to permit Jews to live there. Not only are Palestinian problems to be dealt with but Jewish rights are to be preserved. And if didn't do it when you were in government pay, we surely don't expect you to do it when you are free to publicly disclose your own personal prejudices.

And that is your moral stain.

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