Thursday, December 22, 2005

It Won't Win An Oscar But It's a Great Film

It's in Hebrew.

It's amateurish.

It's 18 minutes long.

But it's a film that will unnerve you, shame you, and maybe even inspire you.

It tells the "other" story of the day-after-Succot attempts to establish Jewish residency in the homeland of the Jewish people.

Get ready for police violence.

Here it is.

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Robin Ticker said...

I couldn't download this from Arutz7 even though I tried. I had read about it. Thank you for posting it. I will pass it around. Even though I read about the violence and shouldn't have been shocked, I still was. The kids are naive. They love each and every Jew and each and every soldier. They didn't know who they would be up against. So they lost their innocence. They'll know better the next time. Please read my post that was written before I actually saw this film at