Friday, December 30, 2005

Insects & Politics

Over two decades ago, Rafael Eitan, nicknamed Raful, former IDF Chief-of-Staff and MK, had referred to Arab terrorists by saying that we have to be able to control them so they would be no more dangerous than "drunk cockroaches in a bottle" (see, for example, here).

I knew him well and can testify that his metaphor stemmed from his farmyard upbringing.

He was pilloried and as the above reference makes clear, his words are all over countless hate-Israel websites.

So, it will be with interest that I will follow the web refrences and the reactions this reference about spiders:

It is in the clear interests of the big spider, the United States, and the little spider, Israel, to create a crisis between Syria and Lebanon

It will be interesting because an Arab Mk, Azmi Bisharrah uttered these crass words and, as I expect, all our civil liberatrian progressives will be defending his right to say these things.

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