Friday, December 30, 2005

Halacha to the Extreme?

Found this Q & A on a Jewish Halacha discussion list:

> If somebody was intending to eat something and then forgot that he was intending
> to eat that thing and started making a bracha achrona and then
> remebered that he wanted to eat before saying the shem, and he now wants
> to eat, what should he do?

It would seem that once he decided to make the bracha achrona that decision qualifies as a hefsek daas and his bracha rishona is no longer chal, so he will in any case need a new bracha rishona. Thus, the Q is really the same as: if I'm starting to benxch and then decide to eat more of the same food...? But since he did not yet say the shem, better not to make the bracha achrona (sheh lo tsricha) and make a new bracha rishona.

Do you understand?

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