Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Letter to the London Times

While I'm here in the UK, saw a story in the London Times last Friday entitled "Today's Joseph and Mary would face 15 checkpoints". Bit of a cheek that one. Playing on the religious sensitivities of the Christmas season. But is the analogy correct?

I thought not and sent them the following letter:

Stephen Farrell's story is a bit anachronistic.

Joseph and Mary were Jewish. Why would they face problems at checkpoints? They weren't suspected of terrorism or posing a security threat.

In fact, if one wishes to recall those days, at least adopt the nomenclature of the period. It is not the "West Bank" but, as we read in Acts 8:1, rather Judea and Samaria.

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Peter said...

It'll be a great day when at least one CNN newscast airs without ANY reports from the Middle East.

Very interesting BLOG.