Monday, December 18, 2023

"Both Banks" a la Omar Bartov

I left this comment at a talk/interview in which Omer Bartov and Peter Beinart participated in of Democracy Now!:

At 10:10 on to 11:30 or so, on the issue of "from the Rive to the Sea" - a) historically, the Land of Israel as the Jewish national home always comprised of land on both banks on the Jordan River from Biblical times through Talmudic era* and also various foreign conquerors. b) actually, the League of Nations indicated in its 1922 decision that that was so but postponed full application of the Mandate for the reconstituted Jewish home due to Gt. Britain, illegally I would suuggest, bringing in Abdullah the Hashemeite of Saudi Arabia to newly-created Jordan. c) the Israeli Right never intended to slaughter all the Arabs as the Hamas wishes to do and the Fatah wouldn't mind doing.

* "We learned there in a mishna: Eretz Yisrael is divided into three separate lands...Judea, Transjordan, and the Galilee." Pesachim 52B, for example

Thanks to IB for the heads-up.


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