Thursday, December 19, 2019

Geula Cohen - Geneology

Geula Cohen, who died on December 17, 2019 in the evening, belonged to a large family.

I found this geneology record and it is being updated:

Geula Esther Cohen was born on January 6, 1925 in Tel-Aviv, Israel, and not in December. See third name below:

Geula's father was Yosef COHEN (1) and her mother was Miriam Rivkah LIBCHAR. (2)  Her paternal grandparents were Shalom COHEN (died in Yemen) and Sarah Awad TAWIL (died in Israel); her maternal grandparents were Yamin LIBCHAR (3) and Ester AROESTI. (4) 

She had six brothers and three sisters, named Shalom, (5) Yokhanan, (6) Aharon,(7) Avner, (8) Yehoyada, (9) Ohali, (10) Judith, (11) Malka (12) and Sarit. (13)  She is the second oldest of the ten children. 

She married Emmanuel Hanegbi (Strassberg) and had two children, Yair (who is no longer alive) and Yitzhak-Tzachi, born on February 26th, 1957. 

Tzachi married Rendy Fran Firpo (1961) and has four sons: Ido (1988), Matan, Stav (twins, 1992) and Liad (2004).

(1)   Yosef was born in 1900 in Yemen.  Yosef's father was Shalom COHEN and his mother was Sarah Awad TAWIL. He had a sister named Shoshana.  He died at the age of 72 in 1972 in Jerusalem, Israel.
(2)   Miriam was born in 1905 in Jerusalem, Israel.  Miriam's father was Yamin LIBCHAR and her mother was Ester AROESTI.  Her paternal grandparents were LIBCHAR and Unnamed; her maternal grandparents were Avraham AROESTI and NEGRIN. She had a brother and a sister, named Avraham and Vida.  She was the second oldest of the three children. She had a half-brother and two half-sisters, named Reuven, Luna and Roza.  She died at the age of 66 in 1971.
(3)   Yamin was born in Israel.  Yamin's father was LIBCHAR and his mother was Unnamed. He had a brother and two sisters, named Shlomo, Rachel and Tamar.
(4)   Ester was born in Monastir, Yugoslavia.  Ester's father was Avraham AROESTI and her mother was NEGRIN. She had two brothers and two sisters, named Izhak, Shmaya, Mazal and Hanah.  She was the youngest of the five children.  She died in 1914 in Tiberias, Israel.
(5)   Shalom was born before 1932.  He was the fourth oldest of the ten children.
(6)   Yokhanan was born on May 14th, 1932 in Israel.  He is the fifth oldest of the ten children.
(7)   Aharon was born on August 10th, 1934 in Tel-Aviv, Israel.  He is the sixth oldest of the ten children. He died at the age of 76 on January 7th, 2011
(8)   Avner was born in 1936.  He is the seventh oldest of the ten children.
(9)   Yehoyada was born in 1940.  He was the nineth oldest of the ten children.  He died at the age of 68 on June 27th, 2008.
(10)  Ohaliav, known as Ohali, was born in 1942.  He is the youngest of the ten children. He died at the age of 72 in December 2014.
(11)  Judith was born before 1925. .  She was the oldest of the ten children.
(12)  Malka was born on February 25th, 1928.  She was the third oldest of the ten children.  She died at the age of 78 in 2006.
(13)  Sarit was born on March 28th, 1938 in Israel.   She is the eighth oldest of the ten children.



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