Wednesday, April 24, 2019

How to Lie in Parliament

These are from the words of George Sydenham Clarke, 1st Baron Sydenham of Combe, an opponent of Zionismin the British Parliament on June 29, 1920

We have no official information regarding the riots at Jerusalem, but it is clear they might have been most serious. It appears that the Moslems came without firearms, which seems to show that they did not intend any harm to the Jewish population. On the other hand, the Jews had firearms, which were provided for them by Lieut. Jabotinsky. As they fired rather wildly from the roofs of the houses, I believe they killed or wounded some of their own people. Lieut. Jabotinsky was sentenced to fifteen years' imprisonment. That was immediately reduced to one year, and I believe they are now demanding his immediate release. There were many Moslems also sentenced at the same time, but I do not know if anyone has demanded their release.

Firearms are not required to kill. Knives and sticks do very well. And who said they had no firearms?

Blaming Jews, firing from rooftops, is truly low-grade for a Baron.

And he is sorry no one is demanding the release of Arabs (but there were).

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