Saturday, February 23, 2019

'Saving Private David Ben-Gurion'

From this academic paper:

Sedjera has been the first Jewish village in the East of the Lower Galilee, from the very begining they turned to us to help protecting the village. They hired a guard from Kfar Kama, Daot Gorkhoz (...) One night at Sedjera, while everything was calm and quiet, and while everyone was asleep (...) Daot noticed that there was some light in house, and that it was unusual for that hour. Suddenly, he saw a shadow, he loaded his gun and aimed the target. He said: "Stop, who are you?", in order to know if it was someone from the village, he asked the password. The person answered correctly and when he approached, Daot realized he was one guard from the village. The guard asked Daot why he was here, Daot answered that he had hear a noise and that he wanted to know where it came from. The guard ordered him to return to his position, Daot obeyed. 

Less than an hour later he heard shouts and cries, he came back to the  place, there were some gunfires. All the guards rand and Daot told them: "some people attacked the village, there was a fight between them and David". David was lying on the ground, he was bleeding. Daot took him on his shoulders and carried him to the house next door to Moshe Korakin's one. He ran to the infirmary of the village to prevent the auxiliary, they returned together to David with a bag ful of drugs in order to treat him. The auxiliary said: "we must go for medical assistance immediately, we need to go to Yavnel to advise the doctor, David is going to die". Daot suggested to go there, the guards told him "do not go alone, take someone with you" but Daot told them that it would be better to use all the guards to protect the village and that he was not afraid to go there alone. He jumped on his horse and went right to Yavnel, not by the road, like people usually do, but through the fields because it was faster even if it was dangerous because of the gangs who were helding the fields. But Daot knew he could not waste time (...) nobody was daring to go out at night because everyone was afraid of the gangs. 

When he arrived at Yavnel, he knocked on the door of the doctor but all the family was deeply asleep. The he shouted "open, open" until the doctor opened. Daot explained him that there was an emergency case in Sedjera and that he had to come right now in order to prevent the guard diying in the night. The doctor mounted his horse and asked Daot which way he took to arrive to Yavnel. Daot answered "by the fields", the doctor told him that it was too dangerous and that they should go through the road of Kfar Kama, in order to be secured. When they arrived at Sedjera, the doctor examined David and said that his state of health was very worrying and that he had to  be brought to the hospital, in Tiberias (...) David was saved.



adamdalgliesh said...

This is from a story told by Circassian Israeli citizens to a researcher. Is it true or just a story? Is there anything in Ben-Gorion's memoirs or other sources that confirm it?


Sorry to slip in "under the radar" by commenting, but I was hoping you might check out this IsraelSeen piece - to help IDF soldiers get Purim baskets. I would have emailed directly but I didn't see your email listed.

Please look, and if you approve, please share. This effort is especially important considering that Iran is ramping up the rhetoric... and we need to remember our victory then.



P.S. You're on my blogroll; would you consider adding me to yours?

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