Sunday, December 30, 2018

Two Impressive Exposed Busts Found By a Perambulating Woman

As the Israel Antiques Authority reports:

Beth She’an Woman Taking a Walk Finds 1,700-year-old Stone Busts

Scholars say such sculptures were usually placed at the entrance to burial caves, and are probably images of the deceased. The finder will receive a good citizenship certificate from the Israel Antiquities Authority

Two impressive Roman busts 


were found in early December near Beit She’an – thanks to the alertness of a local resident, who spotted the top of one of the busts’ heads sticking out of the ground as she was taking a walk north of the old city. The woman and her husband called the Israel Antiquities Authority Theft Prevention Unit, and inspectors were quickly sent to the site. Together, they unearthed the first bust and as they worked, they found another one right next to it. The busts, which date to the Late Roman period (3rd–4th centuries CE), were taken to the Israel Antiquities Authority laboratories to protect them from theft and to study and preserve them...the busts were exposed following the recent heavy rainfall in the area. 

Who says archaeology is dull?


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