Monday, June 04, 2018

And Down at Tel Shiloh

My veteran followers know my awe of the archaeological work that has been done at Tel Shiloh.

I have studied the Danish excavation report.

with Era Rappaport I went down to visit with Israel Finkelstein during his 1981-84 dig to see the sometimes daily progress then, followed the digs of the basilicas of Yitzchak Magen and on to Reut Ben-Arie who also worked on the City of David excavations (her Shiloh report is here)

Of course, while trying to locate the Tabernacle is a central aspect

Photo by Barry Kramer and graphics by Jerry Taylor

there is much much more about the Tel. Well the good news now is that Dr. Scott Stripling's ABR second season has begun. His introduction/overview to the Tel is a must read. The first season's reports are here. Here is his grid:


There I am at last year's visit.

I went down to the Tel get reacquainted with the work being done last Friday and Scott was as courteous as ever:

There were animal teeth:

and flat-bottomed pottery and shards

and walls and rooms and and coins and such:

See the pottery shards?

From what Scott explained to me, this is going to be a great season. The Danish and Finkelstein teams' discarded soil will be resifted, thoroughly.  Bedrock has been reached in more places 

and the Canaanite (or Emorite) Wall is becoming more exposed and more defined. Interesting possibilities of the wall's elements are becoming apparent.

That yellow-marked area is a pit with some great finds.

Looking forward to more.


P.S. Try this clip.

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