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Another Letter That Didn't Get Published

This was sent to the NY Times:

Your editorial, "Mike Pence’s Self-Serving Trip to the Holy Land
" (January 23), 
accused Vice-President Pence of choosing "to ignore Israelis’ shared history with the Palestinians" in his Knesset speech earlier this week.

Did you really want him to recount the murderous pogroms Arabs committed against Jews in Hebron, Gaza, Jerusalem during 1920-1947 which caused an ethnic-cleansing of those Jews from homes in which they resided, in some cases for centuries and over 1000 dead Jews? The war of aggression initiated by Arabs of Mandate Palestine in 1947 in violation of the UN's Partition recommendation? The decade of fedayeen terror until 1956? The founding of the PLO in 1964, three years prior to the so-called 1967 "occupation" and the construction of any Jewish civilian resettlement homes in Judea and Samaria or Gaza?

It hasn't appeared.


borhani said...

Keep writing them!

Unknown said...

Foreword -- Daat Emet
In this article R' Bar-Chayim discusses the attitude towards "Gentiles" in the Torah and in the Halacha and comes to an unambiguous conclusion:
"The Torah of Israel makes a clear distinction between a Jew, who is defined as 'man,' and a Gentile."
That is to say, any notion of equality between human beings is irrelevant to the Halacha. R' Bar-Chayim's work is comprehensive, written with intellectual honesty, and deals with almost all the aspects of Halachic treatment of non-Jews. It also refutes the statements of those rabbis who speak out of wishful thinking and, influenced by concepts of modern society, claim that Judaism does not discriminate against people on religious grounds. R' Bar-Chayim shows that all these people base their constructs NOT on the Torah but solely on the inclinations of their own hearts. He also shows that there are even rabbis who intentionally distort the Halachic attitude to Gentiles, misleading both themselves and the general public.
For the English readers' convenience we will briefly mention the topics dealt with in R' Bar-Chayim's article:
Laws in regard to murder, which clearly state that there is Halachic difference between murder of a Jew and of a Gentile (the latter is considered a far less severe crime).
A ban on desecrating the Sabbath to save the life of a Gentile.
A Jew's exemption from liability if his property (e. g. ox) causes damage to a Gentile's property. But if a Gentile's property causes damage to a Jew's property, the Gentile is liable.
The question of whether robbery of a Gentile is forbidden by the Torah's law or only by a Rabbinic decree.
A ban on returning a lost item to a Gentile if the reason for returning it is one's sympathy towards the Gentile and compassion for him.
The sum which a Gentile overpays in a business transaction due to his own error is forfeit; whether a Jew is permitted to intentionally deceive a Gentile is also discussed.
One who kidnaps a Jew is liable to death, but one who kidnaps a Gentile is exempt.
A Jew who hurts or injures a Gentile is not liable for compensation of damage, but a Gentile who hurts a Jew is liable to death.
One who overcharges a Gentile ought not return him the sum that the Gentile overpaid.
A Gentile -- or even a convert to Judaism -- may not be appointed king or public official of any sort (e. g. a cabinet minister).
One who defames a female proselyte (claiming that she was not virgin at the time of her marriage) is liable to neither lashes nor fine.
The prohibition to hate applies only to Jews; one may hate a Gentile.
One may take revenge against or bear a grudge towards Gentiles; likewise, the commandment "love your neighbour" applies only to Jews, not to Gentiles.
One who sees Gentile graveyards should curse: "Your mother shall be greatly ashamed..."
Gentiles are likened to animals.
If an ox damaged a Gentile maidservant, it should be considered as though the ox damaged a she-ass.
The dead body of a Gentile does not bear ritual impurity, nor does a Gentile who touches the dead body of a Jew become impure -- he is considered like an animal who touched a dead body.

Unknown said...

One is forbidden to pour anointing oil on a Jew, but there is no ban on pouring that oil on a Gentile because Gentiles are likened to animals.
An animal slaughtered by a Gentile is forbidden, even if the ritual slaughter performed was technically correct, because Gentiles are deemed like animals. (Daat Emet does not agree that this is the Halachic reason for invalidating a Gentile's ritual slaughter -- but this is not the place to delve into the subject).
Their members (genitals) are like those of asses" -- Gentiles are likened to animals.
Between the Jews and the Gentiles -- In the Aggadah, the Kabbalah, and in Jewish Thought
R' Bar-Chayim's arguments and conclusions are clear, Halachically accurate, and supported by almost all the existent major Halachic works. It would be superfluous to say that R' Bar-Chayim fully embraces this racist Halachic outlook as the word of the Living G-d, as he himself pointed out in the "Conclusion" of his article:
"It is clear to every Jew who accepts the Torah as G-d's word from Sinai, obligatory and valid for all generations, that it is impossible to introduce 'compromises' or 'renovations' into it."
On the other hand, we want to make it clear that Daat Emet -- as well as any reasonable people who do not embrace Halachic laws as the word of the Living G-d -- are repulsed by such evil, racist discrimination.
In the Hebrew text we have abridged the second part of R' Bar-Chayim's article,
"Between Jews and Gentiles -- In the Aggadah, the Kabbalah, and in Jewish Thought," because, in our view, the Halacha is the law which obligates every religious Jew while concepts of the Aggadah, the Kabbalah, and Jewish thought are not binding on anyone, as our rabbis have already written:
"And so the Aggadic constructs of the disciples of disciples, such as Rav Tanchuma and Rabbi Oshaya and their like -- most are incorrect, and therefore we do not rely on the words of Aggadah" (Sefer HaEshkol, Laws of a Torah Scroll, p. 60a); we have expanded on this issue in the portion of Vayeshev.


Tzfi'a 3


Rabbi David Bar Chaim

Yeshivat Mercaz HaRav

Jews are the GREATEST RACISTS in the world, and this document proves it 100%.

People talk about the NWO, but are ignorant of who it is who wants a NWO.

"The mashiach [Jewish messiah] will bring about the political and spiritual redemption of the Jewish people by bringing us back to Israel and restoring Jerusalem (Isaiah 11:11-12; Jeremiah 23:8; 30:3; Hosea 3:4-5). He will establish a government in Israel that will be the center of all world government, both for Jews and gentiles (Isaiah 2:2-4; 11:10; 42:1). He will rebuild the Temple and re-establish its worship (Jeremiah 33:18). He will restore the religious court system of Israel and establish Jewish law as the law of the land (Jeremiah 33:15)...The world after the messiah comes is often referred to in Jewish literature as Olam Ha-Ba (oh-LAHM hah-BAH), the World to Come...In the Olam Ha-Ba, the whole world will recognize the Jewish G-d as the only true G-d, and the Jewish religion as the only true religion (Isaiah 2:3; 11:10; Micah 4:2-3; Zechariah 14:9)."

-- From "Mashiach: The Messiah", Judaism 101 -----

"With the exception of the USSR as a federated Eurasian state, all other continents will become united in a world alliance, at whose disposal will be an international police force. All armies will be abolished, and there will be no more wars. In Jerusalem, the United Nations (a truly United Nations) will build a Shrine of the Prophets to serve the federated union of all continents; this will be the seat of the Supreme Court of Mankind, to settle all controversies among the federated continents, as prophesied by Isaiah."

-- David Ben-Gurion, first Prime Minister of the Jewish State of Israel.

YMedad said...

To Mr. Unknown,
None of this is applicable in today's Halachic world and no Rabbi, except perhaps Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburg, even thinks about such things.

borhani said...

Yisrael, thanks for replying to Mr. Unknown. A pair of comments really, if I may say so, out of left (or should I say, "right") field. Long before distinctions between Jews and Gentiles were described (which I think Mr. Unknown has largely incorrect), there is this (בְּרֵאשִׁית, 1:27):

וַיִּבְרָ֨א אֱלֹהִ֤ים ׀ אֶת־הָֽאָדָם֙ בְּצַלְמ֔וֹ בְּצֶ֥לֶם אֱלֹהִ֖ים בָּרָ֣א אֹת֑וֹ זָכָ֥ר וּנְקֵבָ֖ה בָּרָ֥א אֹתָֽם
And God created man in His image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.

Not “God created Jews in his image”.

Unknown said...

Home » Torah, Science & Ethics» Religion & Ethics
Yaron Yadan 10/17/2006

The Jewish Nation Is The People Chosen To Fulfill The Purpose Of Creation

In this article we will discuss the basic world view of religious Jews, which serves as the evil root of all halachot, laws, commandments, values, and morals which are chauvinist, discriminatory, and intolerant of other views, as we wrote in previous essays (Morality in Halacha, The Secular Jew’s Place in Halacha, Gentiles in Halacha).

Every person for whom the values of equality and freedom of religion and of conscience are fundamental must take note of the root of these calamities, begun in the Holy Writ and followed by the Oral Torah, for the holy writings and Halacha greatly influence the moral spirit and value system of Israeli citizens who identify themselves with the Jewish collective.

Judaism’s basic world view is that the purpose of G-d’s creation of the world was to give the Jews, the Chosen People, the Torah. All other people were created to serve the chosen people so they would be free to fulfill the Divine purpose of Creation. Similarly, all instructions, laws, and values of other nations in all places and times are human creations not to be taken seriously. They should be belittled and mocked in comparison to the Divine Torah, which is the absolute unchanging truth.

The implications of this dangerous belief are clear to any reasonable person: a man who believes that he has been chosen by G-d to fulfill the purpose of creation places himself at the center of Creation, and all others who were not chosen (gentiles) or who were chosen but do not study Torah and do not fulfill commandments (secular Jews) are of lesser status. More than this — any who contravenes, in his world view or his actions, this purpose must be destroyed and removed from the earth, for he denies the existence of the Jewish G-d.

We will bring proof of these words from the sources.

The whole of Creation — according to the Torah world view — was created solely for the learning and fulfillment of the Torah’s commandments. Therefore, if the Jewish people do not learn Torah, the holy One will destroy the world and return it to chaos. Thus said Chazal in the Talmud (Avodah Zarah 5a):

“Rabbi Simon the son of Lakish said, ‘[Why was the definite article added to] “It was evening and it was morning the sixth day”? To show that the holy One made creation conditional, and said, “If the Jews accept the Torah, good, and if not, I will return you to chaos”.'”

Similarly, in tractate Nedarim 32a this is said:
“Rabbi Elazar said, ‘Were it not for the Torah, the heavens and the earth would not be sustained, for it is written, “As surely as I have established My covenant with day and night — the laws of heaven and earth” [Jeremiah 33:25]’.”

That is, only for the sake of the Torah did G-d create the world and the laws of nature, and without it they have no right to exist.

Similarly in tractate Shabbat 85a:

“‘And they stood below the mountain’ (Exodus 19:17) [at the time of the giving of the Torah].

Rabbi Avdimi the son of Chama the son of Chasa taught that the holy One held the mountain over their heads and said,

“If you accept the Torah, good, and if not, this will be your grave”.'”

So you see that the whole purpose of creation is for the sake of learning Torah, and that Chazal even said the holy One made creation conditional on the Jewish people learning Torah, for if they leave off, the world will be destroyed and will return to chaos.

Unknown said...

The significance of this is clear. Any Jew who does not busy himself with Torah and the commandments or who does not believe in the divinity of the Torah is like one who destroys the world. Therefore it is no surprise that in Maimonides’s Yad Hachazakah, Laws of Apostates chapter three, halacha two, we find the following conclusion:

“Those who say the Torah is not Divine and informers and apostates are not to be considered part of Israel, and this needs neither witnesses nor warning nor judges. All who kill them fulfill a great commandment and remove an obstacle.”

Exactly thus. One who kills a person who rejects faith in the divinity of the Torah has fulfilled a great commandment because he has eliminated one who destroys the world. It is important to emphasize that this conclusion is inescapable for one who believes with perfect faith that if the Torah is not learned, the world will be destroyed. One who rejects this purpose is like one who wants to blow up city streets, buildings, and residents.

[These days, too, the leaders of Orthodoxy steer their students and followers according to this dangerous world view. The pamphlets released by Daat Emet have been distributed in Kfar Chabad and caused violent reactions on the part of the Lubavitchers. About this violent reaction the rabbi from Slonim, Rabbi Abraham Weinberg wrote:

“The Torah, in discussing the enticer (Deuteronomy 13:9) says ‘do not assent or give heed to him. Show him no pity…’ and Rashi wrote: ‘do not love him, as it is said “love your fellow as yourself” but this one do not love…’ and there is no doubt that about enticers and instigators like these the sweet singer of Israel said in his book of praise, ‘Do I not hate them, o Lord, who hate You?’ What should an honest and reasonable man do when venomous snakes invade his home ready to strike and threaten the members of his household? Should he accept it with equanimity or should he defend his life and the lives of his family? Therefore those [Chabad members] who reacted as they did are not hot-headed and their reaction was not violent nor hasty; it was the healthy reaction of a man when that which is dear to him is touched, when what is holy and precious is abused…”

(Chabad Chassidim Weekly, issue 870).]

Unknown said...

Maimonides explains in greater detail that the purpose for which Man was created is to learn wisdom, which is the Torah and Halacha, and the other people, who do not busy themselves with the Torah, are intended to provide for the welfare of those scholars. These are his words in the introduction to his Commentary on the Mishna:

“But generally it should be known that all beneath the moon is for Man alone…and the purpose of Man is to induce in his soul wisdom. So why did the holy One, blessed be He, create all these people who will not induce wisdom in their souls? We see that most are naked of all cunning and empty of all wisdom, following desires, and that the wise man, who is repulsed with the world, is unique, and his like will be found only rarely”.

“The answer to this is that these people exist for two reasons. One is that they serve the mentioned unique man — for, did everyone seek wisdom and philosophy, it would be impossible for the world to be put aright… The second reason for the existence of those who have no wisdom is that people of wisdom can be only a minority. This is required by Divine wisdom. It goes without saying that the fundamental wisdom is not to be questioned, nor is it to be questioned why there are nine spheres or seven planets…So it is clear from all that we said that the purpose of all that exists in this world and in the past is for the perfect man, virtuous in both wisdom and action, as we have said. When you study and learn these two issues — wisdom and action — from their [the Sages] words, you will see that they spoke truthfully, that all there is for God in His world is the four cubits of Halacha.”

(I.e. all that matters in God’s eyes is the one who occupies himself the wisdom of Halacha.)

From the belief that the world was created to serve those who busy themselves with Torah and the commandments, Maimonides concludes in his Laws that gentiles must act as servants and pay taxes to the Jews, the Chosen People, so they are free for “Divine” service:

“We do not wage war with anyone until we speak to him of peace, be it a war of permission or a war of obligation, for it is When you approach a town to attack it, you shall offer it terms of peace.’ If [the gentiles] accept the situation and the seven commandments given to the sons of Noah, none of them are killed. They are taxed, as it is written, ‘[they] shall be taxed to serve you at forced labor.’ If they accept taxation and not servitude, or servitude and not taxation we do not heed them until they accept both. The servitude they must accept is to be humiliated and belittled, not raise their heads over Israel but be submissive to them, and not be in control of Israelites regarding any matter in the world”

(Maimonides, Laws of Kings, chapter six, halacha one).

In the commentary on the Mishnah, tractate Bava Kama chapter four, mishna three, Maimonides wrote an explanation of the legal discrimination between gentile and Jew legislated in the Mishnah:

“The ox of a Jew which gored the ox of a gentile is exempt. Of a gentile which gored that of a Jew, be it a first-time or a repeat offender, [the owner] pays full damages”: “Do not be surprised about this matter and do not be puzzled, just as you should not be surprised about the slaughter of animals though they’ve done nothing wrong, for those in whom human qualities are not complete [gentiles] are not truly people, and [G-d’s] goal is only people [the wise who busy themselves with Torah and the commandments].”

These are the clear and explicit words of the Great Eagle (Maimonides). Gentiles, who do not busy themselves with the Torah’s wisdom, are not considered “people” for they do not fulfill the goal of Creation.

Unknown said...

Words to frighten and punishments for those who void the goal of Creation —
Since the existence of the world is for the sake of Torah, we find Chazal rebuking, indoctrinating, and frightening people in order to encourage the study of Torah:

“Whoever can study the Torah and does not, the holy One blessed be He brings upon him harsh punishments” (Berachot 5a).

“The Torah covenant is bound in the blood, as is written (Exodus 24:8) ‘This is the blood of the covenant that the Lord now makes with you’ and all who do not busy themselves with the Torah brings destruction to the world (Sefer Mitzvot HaGadol — positive commandments — Commandment 12).

“The Torah is tied to His name and the Torah is Man’s way to do commandments, and the commandments are also connected to His name. We find that one who does not busy himself with the Torah is as one who rejects the holy One blessed be He and ‘the word of the Lord he mocked’ (Numbers 15:31) and therefore Hell reigns over him as is written: (Deuteronomy 31:17) ‘Surely it is because our G-d is not in our midst that these evils have befallen us” (Sefer Reishit Chochma — Shaar HaTeshuva — chapter seven).

Thus it is written in the Zohar volume two (Exodus), portion of Mishpatim folio 124a:

“The Torah is all the holy One’s name, and one who busies himself with it is as though busying himself with the holy name, for the whole Torah is one holy name, a name which includes all names.”

Therefore Rabbi Yosef Elbo counts the belief that the Torah was given from Heaven as one of the three essentials of faith in his book Sefer HaIkarim, third chapter.

According to the Rabbinic world view the purpose of creation is the Study of Torah and the fulfillment of its commandments, and any who does not busy himself with Torah and the commandments is as one who rejects G-d’s existence, and on this basis Halachic conclusions have been drawn.

This is the Halachic conclusion of Rabbi Israel Meir HaKohen of Radin (1838-1933), the author of the Chofetz Chaim, in his Mishnah Berurah 329:9:
“A Jew who has transgressed due to his appetites, as long as he has not rejected the Torah, it would seem that we violate the Sabbath to save him; but if he has done it for spite [if he denies the Torah], one is forbidden to save him even on a weekday. Certainly it is forbidden to violate the Sabbath for him to remove stones [which have fallen upon him; he should be left under the stones to die] or through other means of healing; this is the rule for [all kinds of people] mentioned in Yoreh Deah 158:1-2, see there.”

Thus is it written in Shulchan Aruch Yoreh Deah 158:2:

And the apikorsim it was customary in Eretz Israel to kill. “It was customary in Eretz Israel to kill apikorsim who deny the Torah and Jewish prophecy [the secular]. If one has power to kill them with a foil he does so in public, and if not, he should act against them with cunning, until he causes them to be killed. If he sees one [of them] fall into a well and the ladder is in the well, first he should remove the ladder and say, ‘I must take my son down off the roof, I’ll bring it back’ or some such thing.” [1]

It is important to emphasize that these Halachic conclusions are compelling and reasonable to one who believes with perfect faith that G-d told the Jews that should the Torah and commandments be neglected He would destroy the world. Therefore it is appropriate to destroy all who deny the Torah, for they are as a ticking bomb.

[1] See what we have written in The Secular Jew’s Place in Halacha

Unknown said...


It is most strange that the Torah, thought to be G-d’s book of laws and commandments, was given to a small group of the world’s population. The book which was meant to show the true path a man should choose should have been given and known to all men, with no need for conversion and joining the Jewish people, with no distinction between nations or races; all created in G-d’s image should have known and understood the Divine law book, be he Jew or Chinese or Japanese or European, American Indian, Australian Aborigine, tribal African or anything else.

For some reason G-d gave it to a small number of human creatures on this earth and not to all.

Which is that nation chosen to uphold and study G-d’s instructions and Torah?

The Jewish people throughout the generations is the Chosen people, or, as the Scriptures have it, “the people of merit.”

Deuteronomy 7:6, “For you are a people consecrated to the Lord your G-d: of all the peoples on earth the Lord your G-d chose you to be His treasured people.”

Nachmanides wrote on Deuteronomy 7:8,

“It was because the Lord favored you — He chose you for He found you worthy to be loved by Him and chose you for love above all other nations. No reason for the choice was mentioned, for the One who chose to love is known to make His beloved suffer all that which comes from Him, and Israel is more worthy of that than any other nation.”

Similarly, in Exodus 19:5,
“Now then, if you will obey Me faithfully and keep My covenant, you shall be My treasured possession among all the peoples. Indeed, all the earth is Mine.”

Rashi wrote (Exodus 19:5),

“Treasured — a beloved treasure, as (Ecclesiastes 2:8) ‘treasures of kings,’ precious vessels and stones which kings store. So you will be a treasure for Me set aside from the other nations…for all the earth is Mine — and they [the nations of the world] are in My eyes and before Me as nothing.” So, too, did Onkeles translate the word, “beloved.”

In the Mishnah it is explicitly stated that G-d treats the Jews as His sons and to them alone the Torah was given.

“[R. Akiva] would say: Beloved is man, who was created in His image…beloved are Israel, who are called sons…beloved are Israel who were given the precious vessel [Torah]; a special measure of love is given them, for He gave them the precious vessel upon which the world was created, as is said (Proverbs 4) ‘For I give you good instruction, do not forsake my teaching'” (Avot 3:14).

In the Magen Avot by the Rashbatz, in his commentary on the above mishnah he wrote,

“And when the holy One, blessed be He, separated Israel from the nations and sanctified them with His holiness He showed them special love, and therefore they are called son. As the father brings his son closer to him than his other servants…and since you are sanctified with His holiness, for He brought you closer and made you a treasure from amongst all nations…by this the holy One, blessed be He, separated you from all nations so that you should be more separate from the animals than they [the gentiles].”

Unknown said...

The matters are clearly stated by our rabbis.

“The Jewish nation is the chosen people who were given the Torah, and thus were elevated above all other nations of the world.”

Any who seek equality must reject this chauvinist, despicable faith.

To separate the chosen Jewish people from the other nations, G-d commanded the chosen people perform circumcisions to show their difference from the other nations.

It is written (Sefer HaChinnuch, commandment 2) in his explanation of the reason for the commandment of circumcision:

“One root reason for this precept is that the Eternal Lord, be He blessed, wished to affix in the people that He set apart to be called by His name a permanent sign in their bodies to differentiate them from the other nations in their bodily form, just as they are differentiated in their spiritual form, their very ‘exits and entrances’ [their purpose and way in the world] not being the same. This [physical] differentiation was set in the golden orb [the male sexual organ] as it is the causal source if the existence of the [human] species — apart from the fact that this constitutes the perfection of the physical form, as we have stated. The Eternal Lord (be He blessed) desired to perfect the [physical] character of the Chosen People [by removing the foreskin].”
You see how the Rabbinic world view is chauvinist in the extreme; the chosen people are separated from the other nations of the world by a physical sign, “exits and entrances not being the same” as the other nations, and this to perfect the people’s character and physical form.

This world view of the Jewish people as the chosen people is the lot of all rabbis, as shown in the entire holy canon and specifically in the Torah.

This faith leads to one inescapable conclusion. The Jewish people are better than the other nations. This chauvinist conclusion will cause any reasonable soul to rebel, and will shock all who love equality.

Therefore do not be astonished when you read the chauvinist and repulsive words of Rabbi Judah HaLevi in his book Kuzari (essay five, paragraph 20),

“The least of animals is more exalted than the highest of plants, and the least of men is more exalted than the best of animals. Thus the least of the children of the Divine Torah [the Jews] is more exalted than the best of the nations [the gentiles], for they do not have the Divine Torah, for the Torah, which is from the Divine, bestows upon souls the customs and characteristics of kings.”

The same holds of the words of Rabbi A.Y. HaKohen Kook in his book Orot Yisrael, chapter five, paragraph 10:

“The difference between the Jewish soul…and the souls of all the gentiles, of all levels, is greater and deeper than the difference between the anima of man and the anima of the beast, since the latter difference [between man and beast] is only quantitative, while the former [between Jew and gentile] is qualitative.”

There are many more such statements in Rabbinic literature.

The belief that the Jewish people is the chosen nation leads to revolting Halachic conclusions, but it is important to note that they are inescapable conclusions, based on the deep and rooted belief in the Jewish people as the chosen nation.

The Jewish people are obligated to 613 commandments and the other nations to only 7 —
The Torah and the commandments for whose sake the world was created by G-d were given only to the Jewish people, as Maimonides wrote:

“Moses our teacher did not give the Torah and commandments to any but Israel, as is written ‘The heritage of the congregation of Jacob’ (Deuteronomy 33:4), and of all who want to convert from the other nations it is written, ‘you and the stranger shall be alike’ (Numbers 15:15, but one who does not wish to is not forced to accept the Torah and the (613) commandments. This is what Moses was commanded by G-d, to force all humankind to accept the [7] commandments given to the children of Noah; all who do not accept them should be killed”

(Laws of Kings 8:10).

Unknown said...

That is, only Jews or those who become Jews are required to fulfill G-d’s commands, but the rest of the nations have only seven commandments to fulfill, and if they don’t, they are to be killed.

[Do not wonder why they are not killed nowadays. The answer is that the Jewish people who represent the Torah and halacha do not rule over the other nations, but if and when they do, they will have to kill those gentiles who do not accept the seven Noachide commandments, as Maimonides wrote, “All of these matters [being lenient with gentiles “for the sake of the ways of peace”] refer only when Israel is exiled amongst idolaters or the hand of idolaters rules over Israel, but when the hand of Israel [is strong and rules] over them, we are forbidden to permit idolaters amongst us, even as casual residents or as merchants passing through. They shall not pass through our land before they accept upon themselves the seven Noachide commandments, for it is said ‘They shall not sit in your land,’ not even for an hour.”

These are the seven laws gentiles are obligated to:

1. They may not worship idols

2. They may not curse G-d

3. They may not murder

4. They may not have forbidden sexual relations

5. They may not steal

6. They must create laws and a legal system

7. They may not eat limbs of living animals.

[There are two more prohibitions which apply to gentiles, crossbreeding animals and trees (Maimonides, laws of Kings 10:5).]

Halacha makes a distinction between one person and the next when making judgements; punishments for transgressions of the laws and commandments are not the same for all people. The punishment of a Jew is not that of a gentile, and here are some examples:

“A Noachide [gentile] who killed, even a fetus in his mother’s womb, is killed [must be sentenced to death], or if he killed a terminally ill person who would die within the year, or who was forced by being placed before a lion or starved to death. Since he killed he is killed, as he is if he kills one who chases him, whom he could have saved by giving up a limb. This is not the case for a Jew [who is exempt from the death penalty if he kills a fetus or a terminally ill person]”

(Maimonides, Laws of Kings 9:4).

“A Noachide is liable for theft, be it theft from an idolater [gentile] or from a Jew. It is the same whether he stole money or a person, or one who withholds the wages of a hired man or the like, even a worker who ate when it was not time. On all he is found guilty, he is a thief. This is not the case for a Jew, for he is guilty about something worth less than [a coin of very low value] and a Noachide who stole something worth little and another came and stole it from him, both are killed for it” (Maimonides, Laws of Kings 9:9).

Unknown said...

Here you have it–in the Halachic judicial system the judgement of the same act differs between a person whose ethnic origin is not Jewish and one whose is. Therefore a gentile who steals is sentenced to death and a Jew who steals merely has to return the stolen property.

How ridiculous is the arrogance of rabbis who want to establish a “Halachic state” as though the Halachic system were more moral. There is no greater discrimination or nastiness than to differentiate between citizens because of their ethnic origin. It would be interesting to see the reaction of the Western world were Israel to give its gentile citizens the death penalty for stealing even something nearly worthless while the Jew is exempted from the death penalty, or even from returning the stolen property when it is nearly worthless.

Come see how the G-d of Israel did not desire the gentiles to be perfect and exempted them from the 613 commandments. After the Torah lists the prohibitions on eating impure birds and animals which have died natural deaths, it explains the prohibition:

“You shall not eat anything that has died a natural death; give it to the stranger in your community to eat or you may sell it to a foreigner. For you are a people consecrated to the Lord your G-d” (Deuteronomy 14:21).

Thus wrote the Sforno in his commentary on the Scripture:

“Though the animal who has died of natural causes is fit for human consumption by a stranger or a foreigner, it is not fit for consumption by the holy nation who are prepared for the perfection ordained by the Lord, blessed be He.”

Refraining from eating animals which died of natural causes is not for health reasons but spiritual ones, and only for those worthy of Divine perfection, the chosen people, the Jewish people.

Gentiles are forbidden to study the Torah and keep the Sabbath —
Gentiles not only are not obligated to all the Divine laws, they are forbidden to study the Divine Torah which is “perfect, renewing life” (Psalms 19:8). If they study Torah they are liable to death, as written in the Talmud,

“Rabbi Jochanan said: A gentile who studies the Torah is liable to death, as it says (Deuteronomy 36) ‘The Torah was commanded to us by Moses as a heritage’ — it is our heritage and not theirs” (Sanhedrin 59a).

Similarly, it is forbidden for a gentile to rest for religious purposes, as brought in the Talmud,

“Reish Lakish said: A gentile who rested on the Sabbath–is liable to death” (Sanhedrin 58b).
Even though the Sabbath is considered a “great gift,” G-d, “who is good and does good for all his creations,” decided to give it only to the Jews, as brought in the Talmud,

“I have a great gift in my treasure house and it is called the Sabbath. I wish to give it to Israel” (Shabbat 10b)

Based on these two Talmudic passages Maimonides ruled in Laws of Kings 10:9,

“An idolater [gentile] who studies the Torah is liable to death. He may not study anything more than his own seven commandments. Similarly, an idolater who rests, even on a weekday, if on his own he rests as on the Sabbath he is liable to death, and it is needless to add that it is so if he made a holy day for himself. Therefore they are not left to invent religion and to make their own commandments. They should either become ger tzedek who follow all the commandments or keep the law he has and not add to it nor diminish it. If he studies the Torah or keeps the Sabbath or makes up his own religion he is struck and punished, and he is informed that he is liable to death, but he is not killed.”

Unknown said...

In the Talmud (Berachot 7a) there is an aggadic statement which well expresses Chazal’s world view in relation to gentiles:

“Rabbi Jochanan quoted Rabbi Yossi: Moses requested three things from the holy One, blessed be He, and they were granted. He asked that the Shechinah would rest on Israel and it was granted, as is written (Exodus 33), ‘is it not in that You go with us.’ He asked that the Shechinah not rest on the other nations and it was granted, as is written (Exodus 33) ‘that we are distinguished, I and Your people’.”

This is one of the greatest puzzlements of the Divine Torah. If He wished to do good for his creations by providing them with the Torah and commandments, why should they all not fulfill them? Why does G-d need to condition the fulfillment of commandments on conversion? If they are important, healing for the soul, why is one who keeps the Sabbath and who studies the Torah doomed to death? Why did the holy One, blessed be He, agree to Moses’ request not to rest the Shechinah on the other nations? This is in fact a win-win situation: These [the gentiles] get benefits and these [the Jews] don’t lose out.

In light of what is written above, we see that the whole purpose of Creation was for the Torah, so that Israel should fulfill it, and therefore there are explicit mentions in the Scriptures and the commentators which clearly show this world view.

“In the beginning G-d created — This is only stated so that one would ask for an explanation. Our rabbis OBM explained [that the world was created] for the Torah which is called (Proverbs 8:22) ‘the beginning of His course,’ and for Israel who are called (Jeremiah 2:3) ‘the first fruit of His harvest'” (Rashi on Genesis 1:1).

Thus, too, is it in Midrash Eliyahu Rabbah (ed. Ish-Shalom), parasha 18:

“‘Spill like water your heart.’ As water is life for the world, so are words of the Torah life for the world. What are these waters? There is no building of the world without water, the world does not flourish without water. Without water the world would not continue to exist. Similarly, without Israel and the words of the Torah the heavens and the earth would not continue to exist, as is said, ‘As surely as I have established My covenant with day and night'” (Jeremiah 33:25)

The Radak wrote explicitly (on Isaiah 22:11),

“Seven things were created before the world, and these are they: The Garden of Eden and the Torah and the righteous and Israel and the Throne of Glory and Jerusalem and the Messiah, son of David. This saying does not mean what many students believe it to; it means that they existed as ideas to be created even before the world was created. Accordingly, they are the purpose of Creation.”

After these things, it should be no wonder that you will find expressions of the holy triumvirate Torah, Israel, and G-d.

The Zohar volume three (Leviticus), portion of Acharei-Mot page 73a:

“There are three steps connected to each other. They are the holy One, blessed be He, the torah, and Israel. Each of them is step upon step, closed and open.”

The Halachic conclusion which stems from this dangerous world view finds expression in the words of Rabbi Eliezer Judah Waldenberg (b. 1917, served as head of the beit din in Jerusalem) in his ruling that one is permitted to kill — even when killing is not mandated by the Torah’s law — in order to protect the ‘holy triumvirate’ of G-d, Torah, and Israel.

Unknown said...

“The basis for this fundamental notion of the beit din standing in the breach and dealing with all the stuff of laws, even if not from the Torah, is when it touches upon the very fundamentals of faith, in G-d, Israel, and the Torah. Maimonides, in his Commentary on the Mishna in the first chapter of Chulin writes, “Know that we have a tradition from our rabbis about the idea that in this, our time of exile [with no authorized beit din, we have no authority to carry out the death penalties set in the Torah, [such as those of an adulterous woman]. This is only in regard to Jews who have committed capital crimes [breaking the Sabbath, adultery, etc.] but apikorsim [secular Jews] and Sadducees and Boethusians, in their vast iniquities, are to be killed unhesitatingly so they do not cause Jews to lose their faith. This has already happened to many people in all the Western lands”

(Responsa Tzitz Eliezer part 19, paragraph 51).

So you see that any who harm “G-d, Israel, and the Torah” may be killed, even nowadays, even though we have no Sanhedrin authorized to judge capital cases.

All who read our words will immediately understand that the liberal ideology cannot live under the same roof as the Jewish religious ideology.

One who wishes with all his might for equality between people, both on the legal and on the cognitive levels must reject a belief in “the chosen people” as the purpose of Creation. It is clear to any reasonable person that if the Jews were chosen to fulfill the Divine will, then the gentiles were not thus chosen and are not considered on the same level as perfect men. Their money may be confiscated, their lost items may not be returned, it is forbidden to violate the Sabbath to save their lives, and it is permitted to kill them.

Another thing to consider is that when a person believes that the Torah text was written or inspired by G-d, then all human texts and legal systems are considered as worthless and irrelevant.

More than that– one who judges according to human laws brings punishment to the world, as Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef writes,

“Now, when the people of Israel dwell in their land, and unfortunately judges according to foreign laws, it is a thousand times worse than an individual or a community of Jews who use the gentile legal system, for is there no G-d in Israel?…This is as they said, before them and not before idolaters [gentiles], for since they do not recognize the Torah’s laws, and since they state that the religion of Moses is no longer valid, therefore they judge according to the laws of their false prophet. One who goes to them for judgement is as one who kicks at the teaching of the living G-d, as we have accepted it from generation to generation back to Moses our teacher. The results of this situation are shameful and embarrassing…Chazal said (Shabbat 139a) that whenever punishments come upon Israel, go check the Jewish judges…And we, unfortunately, see how difficult the security and economic situation is now; there is no day without its curse, greater than the last.

(Responsa Yichveh Daat part four, paragraph 85).

All who love democracy and liberalism must run from a belief in “the chosen people,” “a light unto the nations,” and “the Divine teaching” as one would run from fire.

Unknown said...



Tzfi'a 3


Rabbi David Bar Chaim

Yeshivat Mercaz HaRav

Jews are the GREATEST RACISTS in the world, and this document proves it 100%.

YMedad said...

I know David Bar-Chaim (Mandel) personally.
I don't think he ever was a teacher at the Rav Kook Yeshiva.
He is all by himself in his own bubble of a world.
No one listens to him.
Very few have ever heard of him.
No one holds him as their Halachic authority.

Unknown said...

YOU TUBE: Rabbi David Bar-Hayim Reveals Unpublicized Manuscript on Zohar Authorship

Machon Shilo
Published on Jan 15, 2018

Interview with the head of Machon Shilo, Rabbi David Bar-Hayim

To view the manuscript which Rabbi David Bar-Hayim has publicized please go to the following link:

Anonymous said...

"The truth must be repeated over and over again, because error is repeatedly preached among us, not only by individuals, but by the masses. In periodicals and cyclopaedias, in schools and universities; every- where, in fact, error prevails, and is quite easy in the
feeling that it has a decided majority on its side."
~ J. W. v. Goethe
B'nai B'rith Magazine, May, 1925, vol. 39 :


Rastus: Whuffo' yo' 'jeculate yoself to me in dat onery manner?

Cicero: Whoffo'? Nigguh, who do yo' calkerate yo' is?

Rastus: Yo' nigguh! mah family am quality folks an' ahm a pusson of rank.

Cicero: Huh! ah'll have yo' triflin', Rastus, to know that ah'm ranker than you is.

"Jokes" like these appeared regularly in the B'nai B'rith Magazine even as the ADL fought this kind of defamation of Jews.
Louis Epstein, author of Sex Laws and Customs in Judaism:
"The female slave was a sex tool beneath the level of moral considerations. She was an economic good, useful, in addition to her menial labor, for breeding more slaves. To attain that purpose, the master mated her promiscuously according to his breeding plans. The master himself and his sons and other members of his household took turns with her for the increase of the family wealth, as well as for satisfaction of their extra-marital sex desires. Guests and neighbors too were invited to that luxury."
"They came with ships carrying AFRICAN BLACKS TO BE SOLD AS SLAVES. The traffic in slaves was a royal monopoly, and the JEWS were often appointed as AGENTS OF THE CROWN in their sale....[They] were the largest ship chandlers in the entire Caribbean region, where the shipping business WAS MAINLY A JEWISH ENTERPRISE....
New World Jewry 1493-1825: Requiem for the Forgotten (KTAV, New York, 1982), pp. 170, 183. [Liebman is an attorney; LL.B., St. Lawrence University, 1929; M.A. (Latin American history), Mexico City College, 1963; Florida chapter American Jewish Historical Society, 1956-58; Friends of Hebrew University, 1958-59; American Historical Society Contributor to scholarly journals on Jewish history.
"It would seem to be realistic to conclude that any Jew who could afford to own slaves and had need for their services would do so....Jews participated in every aspect and process of the exploitation of the defenseless Blacks."
"Jews and Negro Slavery in the Old South, 1789-1865," in Abraham J. Karp, The Jewish Experience in America: Selected Studies from the Publications of the American Jewish Historical Society (Waltham, Massachusetts, 1969), pp. 184, 189. [Dr. Korn is a rabbi,
historian; A.B., Cincinnati, 1939; Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, Cincinnati, Ordination M.H.L. 1949; Sr. rabbi, Reform Congregation Keneseth Israel, Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, 1949-; Chaplain, USNR, 1944-; Visiting professor, American Jewish History, Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, New York, 1962-; Honorary Overseer Gratz College of Pennsylvania; visiting professor, American Jewish History, Dropsie University of Pennsylvania; 1970-; Recipient Merit Award, American Association for State & Local History, 1969.]

Anonymous said...



"The West India Company, which monopolized imports of slaves from Africa, sold slaves at public auctions against cash payment. It happened that cash was mostly in the hands of JEWS The buyers who appeared at the auctions were almost always JEWS, and because of this lack of competitors they could buy slaves at low prices. On the other hand, there also was no competition in the selling of the slaves to the plantation owners and other buyers, and most of them purchased on credit payable at the next harvest in sugar. Profits up to 300% of the purchase value were often realized with high interest rates....If it happened that the date of such an auction fell on a Jewish holiday the auction had to be postponed. This occurred on Friday, October 21, 1644."

Jews in Colonial Brazil (1960), pp. 72-3; [Note: Wiznitzer, Arnold Aharon, educator; Born in Austria, December 20, 1899; Ph.D., University of Vienna, 1920; Doctor of Hebrew Literature, Jewish Theological Seminary of America; Emeritus research professor, University of Judaism, Los Angeles; Contributor to historical journals in the United States and Brazil including the Journal of Jewish Social Studies and the Publications of the American Jewish Historical Society. Former president, Brazilian-Jewish Institute of Historical Research.]

The American and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society Report of 1853
"The Jews of the United States have never taken any steps whatever with regard to the slavery question. As citizens, they deem it their policy to have every one choose whichever side he may deem best to promote his own interests and the welfare of his country. They have no organization of an ecclesiastical body to represent their general views; no General Assembly, or its equivalent. The American Jews have two newspapers, but they do not interfere in any discussion which is not material to their religion. It cannot be said that the Jews have formed any denominational opinion on the subject of American slavery....


"The Christian inhabitants [of Brazil] were envious because the JEWS owned some of the best plantations in the river valley of Pernambuco and were among THE LEADING SLAVE-HOLDERS and SLAVE TRADERS in the colony."1

"Slave trade [sic] was one of the most important JEWISH activities here [in Surinam] as elsewhere in the colonies."2

1. , "A Study of Brazilian Jewish History 1623-1654, Based Chiefly Upon the Findings of the Late Samuel Oppenheim," Publications of the American Jewish Historical Society, vol. 33 (1934), p. 63.
2. The Economic Activities of the Jews of Amsterdam in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries (Port Washington, New York/London: Kennikat Press, 1937), p. 159.
[Bloom is a rabbi; B.A., Columbia University, 1923, Ph.D., 1937; M.H.L., Jewish Institute of Religion, 1928, D.D., 1955; rabbi, Temple Albert, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 1928-31. President Kingston Ministerial Association, 1945-46, and 1959-60; B'nai B'rith; Zionist Organization of America; vice-president, National Prison Chaplain Board, since 1962; Social Action Committee of Central Conference of American Rabbis, since 1947; Author: The Jews of Dutch Brazil, 1936; The Economic Activities of the Jews of Amsterdam, 1937.]


"[I]t remains a fact which cannot be gainsaid that in his own native home, and generally throughout the world, the unfortunate Negro is indeed the meanest of slaves. Much had been said respecting the inferiority of his intellectual powers, and that no man of his race has ever inscribed his name on the Parthenon of human excellence, either mental or moral."

Anonymous said...


Canaan is identified as a black man and blacks as in inferior people, only in the Gemara, which is to say the latter part of the Talmud, the Midrash and later writings of the rabbis. This invective, this racism, is not anywhere in the bible concerning the black race.

The rabbinic account of the malediction against Ham stipulates that his son Canaan, and all Canaan’s offspring, are to fated to suffer perpetual slavery and black skin without the chance of their condition being ameliorated. It is this anti-Old Testament, Rabbinic gloss that influenced those fifteenth century Renaissance humanists who had crossed over into the forbidden territory of the Talmud, the Midrash and the Kabbalah as part of a supposedly enlightened act. It is an irony of history that as a result of this supposedly progressive development, the abominable view of blacks as a perpetual race of slaves became entrenched among the western liberal intelligentsia for at least the next three hundred years.


The Encyclopedia of the Jewish Religion refers to Moses Maimonides as "THE SYMBOL OF THE PURE AND ORTHODOX FAITH.”
The book GUIDE TO THE PERPLEXED is considered the greatest work of Jewish religious philosophy, but his view of BLACKS was pure evil:

"[T]he Negroes found in the remote South, and those who resemble them from among them that are with us in these climes. The status of those is like that of irrational ANIMALS. To my mind THEY DO NOT HAVE THE RANK OF MEN, but have among the beings a rank lower than the rank of man BUT HIGHER THAN THE RANK OF APES. For they have the external shape and lineaments of a man and a faculty of discernment that IS SUPERIOR TO THAT OF APES."

“Those who are incapable of attaining to supreme religious values include the BLACK coloured people and those who resemble them in their climates. Their nature is like the MUTE ANIMALS. Their level among existing things is below that of a man and above that of a monkey.”

(Maimonides, Guide To The Perplexed, Translation from the Hebrew Version)

Here is what Schorsch writes in his book, JEWS and BLACKS in the EARLY MODERN WORLD:

“Few Jewish thinkers understood Ham’s curse to initiate his or her progeny’s blackness.”

That is an out and out prevarication. The classic rabbinic texts hold that the punishment visited upon Ham was the transformation of his son Canaan, and all Canaan’s progeny, into BLACKS.

Rabbi Hiyya said,

“Ham and the dog copulated on the ark. Therefore Ham came forth dark skinned.”

Jonathan Schorsch is Professor at Columbia University and is the author of the book “Jews and Blacks in the Early Modern World.”

The most notorious anti-black racist in Judaism happens to be Judaism’s most influential and revered sage, Moses Maimonides, who taught in his book “Guide of the Perplexed,” that blacks are subhuman.

Schorsch has written 546 pages on the relationship of JEWS AND BLACKS. One would think he would be able to explicate Maimonides’ teaching about BLACK PEOPLE at length since it forms the heart of Judaism’s attitude towards Blacks. Since Maimonides is indefensible, Schorsch dares not. Hence, like any propagandist, the Columbia University Professor buries the inconvenient Maimonides in his footnotes where we find the offending statement quoted in small type with no comment or exegesis of any kind — as if it were the doctrine of some long ago forgotten village rabbi instead of the major Halakic authority in Judaism.

Anonymous said...

Neither can he bring himself to quote the Talmudic and Midrashic accounts of the CURSE OF HAM which form the canonical Judaic understanding of BLACK PEOPLE. By shying away from a confrontation with these texts, he does little to dispel the critique of Tony Martin and others. Professor Tony Martin quotes these anti-black rabbinic teachings you are about to see. How can Schorsch claim to debunk the Martin’s of the world when he can’t even bring himself to confront the problem’s sacred Judaic texts?

The Talmud’s creators, first of all, were lawyers. Let’s observe lawyer Schorsch in action. In his book on page 139 he says:

“Seeing a Jewish curse of Ham behind every English notion of Black accursedness will not do. If one looks carefully, the explicit citation of Jewish authors remains extremely rare in early modern writings. Some of course did indeed cite Jewish authorities. Overall, the curse of Ham seems to comprise a case of intra-Christian discursive influence. The Jewish having the Bible being claimed as a Christian text already long before the mediaeval period, early modern Christian authorities continued to make use of it as a component of the Christian canon.”

Well, nice try Professor. The fact is the Israelite Bible was misappropriated by the Rabbis, not the Christians. Furthermore, Schorsch misleads readers into thinking that it is the biblical teaching about Blacks that is the pivot of anti-Black racism in the West when he knows very well that the anti-Black rabbinic dogma is diametrically opposed to the Old Testament. Therefore, citing the Old Testament in a racial context as the curse of Ham’s “intra-Christian discursive influence” is nothing more than a lawyer’s trick with a fifty dollar phrase.

The mendacious chutzpah represented here is truly audacious. Such a gambit can only be sustained before an audience that is almost totally ignorant of the relevant foundational rabbinic texts.

The curse of Ham, as taught by the Rabbis, is what Avraham Melamed rightly terms, “the locus classicus” of Judaism’s historic antipathy toward Black people and the exegetical source of its racist teaching from the Amorim of Babylonia to Moses Maimonides.