Sunday, August 20, 2017

NIF's Liel Does the Temple Mount

Over at Globes, excerpts from an interview with Rachel Liel, the outgoing New Israel Fund executive director in Israel:-

Isn't that the method of governments, to avoid being confronted by questions?

"Absolutely. We saw it only recently with the story of the Temple Mount and the metal detectors. Instead of answering questions they said 'they are inciting against us' and 'acting against us' and they always look for the scapegoat - and we at NIF are an excellent scapegoat. The Likud has been in power for so many years, yet it still feels as if it is a persecuted minority and a victim and doesn't give answers to people that ask sensible questions."

What questions?

Three Israeli Arabs, resident of Um Al-Fahm (and I won't ask of they attended NIF-sponsored programs), form a terror cell and murder two Israeli policemen, Druze, and the most logical thing to do is first, assure security. Jews go through metal detectors at the Western Wall and all over so why cannot Arabs?

As for the feeling of a persecuted minority? Minority, no but quite persecuted.


...I can say that there is an awakening in our camp. I feel that it is not only people on the left that are stirring and that is a source of hope for me. There is a feeling that people are fed up. More and more people feel that what is happening in Israel is not good with corruption, chauvinism and extremism, the messianic feeling about the Temple Mount, with ugly racism, and even the style - talk like that of Yair Netanyahu. 

If I tale the messianism out and frame the campaign strictly as one of free assembly, religious coexistence, rights, legal responsibility and all the other terms liberals champion, why does she still denigrate the struggle for the fulfillment of the law? 

The third:

...For sure the lessons from the murder of Rabin have not been learned. There are a lot of scenarios that might take place. Think of the Temple Mount. The dialogue is very violent, the incitement is clear, so don't be surprised. If they call [NIF supported] people planted infiltrators - then perhaps you have to eliminate a planted infiltrator. Pay attention to what you're saying. That's not the way to conduct an argument."

With the promotion of the NGO Law, NIF conducted a campaign against Ayelet Shaked headlined 'Minister of Hatred.' Wasn't that incitement, something you yourselves are against?

"I regret the Minister of Hatred. Today I wouldn't do such a thing.

Excuse me but who is employing violent dialogue and inciting?  The Arab Muslims, no? Sheikh Raad Salah, no? The Islamic Movement North, no?

Is this the new Israel they want?  Illogical, less Jewish and Zionist?

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