Saturday, June 24, 2017

Writing Fiction

A local-oriented detective novel, first published in 1987, is out in Kindle.

"Bullets of Palestine".

Kaplan is not pro-Judea and Samaria.


Two agents. Two opposing sides.

Israeli Agent Shai is dispatched to eliminate a terrorist threat. To succeed in his mission Shai must win the trust of Palestinian Agent Ramzy who will help him gain access to the infamous and dangerous Abu Nidal.

Shai is under orders to kill Ramzy when the mission ends. Instead, they forge a friendship that transcends the hatreds of their heritage. Loyalties are tested. Will they capture Abu Nidal or betray each other? In a conflict where both sides dehumanize each other, two extremely human men, are caught in the cross-hairs of the larger war.

"Shai is under orders to kill Ramzy when the mission ends"

Of course. Really now, the Arab would never think to kill the Israeli, would he?