Saturday, July 02, 2016

And American Jews Killed in 1929

Just as an historical note: American Jews were killed in the Hebron riots of Ausgust 1929:

Following is an incomplete list of the dead and injured American...Jews in the Moslem Arabs attacks:
The following American boys, students at the Hebron Yeshiva:
William Berman of Philadelphia, 24, graduate of the College of the City of New York.
Jacob Wexler,17, of Chicago.
David Sheinberg, 22, Pennsylvania.
Wolf Greenberg, 17, of New York.                                                                               Henry David Epstein.
Harry Frunen.
Benjamin Horwitz, 17, of 96 Jewell Street, Brooklyn, N. Y....
The following American boys, students at the Slobodka Yeshiva at Hebron:
Raklin Winchester, Springfield, Iii.
Samuel Senders, of Brooklyn.
Lester and Max Harbaiter of Brooklyn, Lester 16, Max 18.
Raoul de Koven, son of prominent Chicago physician.

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