Friday, June 19, 2015

And I Didn't Know

I didn't know this

Political Indoctrination of Soldiers in the IDF, 1948–1949,
Hazkani, Shay
Israel Studies Review, Volume 30, Number 1, Summer 2015, pp. 20-41(22)

This article explores themes in the political education and indoctrination of soldiers in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) during the 1948 War. It argues that the army command attempted to advance the notion that a form of militarism rooted in Judaism was the only way to win the war. Education officers explained to soldiers that 'the Jewish tradition' sanctioned the eradication of the invading armies and indifference to the fate of Palestinians. The article also traces the influence of Abba Kovner's lurid propaganda on the rest of the IDF's education apparatus. Kovner, the education officer of the Givati Brigade, believed that hate propaganda made killing the enemy easier, and his views were shared by many other education officers who saw his work as a road-map for the entire military. Nevertheless, there were some officers who opposed his work out of fear for the consequences that it would have on the future of Israeli society.

I wonder: did the Arabs of the Mandate and the countries who invaded have 'education officers' or did they really need any?


Thor said...

You are righteus and you should stay so. It is for the best of your and all people. Cudos to you.

Thor said...

Do you have children living in the State of Israel? It seem like a simple question but would you rather there was a war in the future over sovereigh Jewish land or that there was peace between Jews and Muslims. Given the overkill attitude of Christians that should not be a difficult question. Basically, if you can live and let live why not let live