Monday, May 18, 2015

Operation Brainwash

Just received this:

Join Extend’s Summer Tour of the West Bank! (June 8-12th!)
Have you ever wanted to explore life in the West Bank first-hand? We are offering a chance to meet
Palestinian and Israeli civil society leaders, businessmen, educators, political leaders and activists,
learn their stories, and discover first-hand the touchstones of West Bank life.
Join Extend on its upcoming tour of the West Bank, this June 8-12.
Extend, a non-profit organization offering highly-subsidized tours of the West Bank for young
Jewish Americans, warmly welcomes you on our next tour of the West Bank, this June 8-12th. Join
us as we visit Palestinian families, as well as historic, cultural and religious sites on a journey that
will deepen your understanding of life in the West Bank and in particular, will offer insights into
Palestinian perspectives on the conflict.
Open-minded, enthusiastic American Jewish college students of all political perspectives, eager to
get into deep conversations with people of myriad perspectives, are encouraged to apply.
The cost of the 5-day program is $300.

And here is a Sample Itinerary

Day 1: Jerusalem
Morning: Visit to All For Peace Radio Station, award-winning joint Israeli-Palestinian radio initiative.
Early afternoon: Visit to the Austrian Hospice for a chat with a filmmaker and Ph.D student in George Mason's conflict resolution program, on how to reconcile dueling Israeli-Palestinian narratives on the conflict.
Late afternoon: Walking tour of East Jerusalem with a Palestinian resident of the city. The walk explores the complex politics of the city, divided Arab-Jewish neighborhoods, and home demolitions.
Day 2: Hebron and Bethlehem
Morning: Tour of Hebron with Breaking the Silence, an organization that offers tours of the West Bank led by former IDF soldiers with a critical perspective on Israeli policy in the West Bank.
Late afternoon: Meeting with the English-language spokesperson for the Hebron settler movement and a tour of the Hebron settlement.
Evening: Dinner in Bethlehem with a former Palestinian combatant and member of Hands of Peace.
Day 3: Gush Etzion
Morning: Trail walk through the hills outside of Bethlehem with a settler disciple of Rabbi Froman, a rabbi committed to achieving peace between settlers and Palestinians. During the trail walk participants discuss the Jewish and Palestinian connection to the land.
Early afternoon: Tour of villages within the Gush Etzion settlement. Introductions to a wide array of settlers.
Evening: Dinner outside Ramallah with Palestinian peace activists at a Palestinian home.
Day 4: Nabi Saleh and Bi'lin
Morning: Nabi Saleh: Visit a family in this small village that is at the heart of the protest movement, and learn about the village's weekly protest and tensions with nearby settlements.
Afternoon: Bi'lin: Meet a number of local activists in this village and learn about the nonviolent protests that culminated in an Israeli high court decision to reroute the Wall.
Evening: Discussion with former PA officials on negotiating policy, divides within Palestinian society, and more.
Day 5: Ramallah, South Hebron hills, Jerusalem
Morning: Conference with international lawyers from Military Court Watch on the West Bank legal system. Visits to Palestinian families who have gone through the legal system.
Afternoon: Meeting with prominent Palestinian businessmen on their ideal economic relationship to Israel.
Evening: The tour concludes once everyone has been deposited in Jerusalem!

Everything seems quite clear except whether the "former PA officials" also were terrorists, or are.

(thanks to JN)


Zionist youth movement involvement.



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