Monday, April 09, 2012

An Apartheid Sign

My wife and I, together with her cousin and husband, traveled about Judea and Samaria today.  We ascended Herodian, drove through Nokdim (Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman's home community), lunched in the park at Tekoa, visited with my second cousin and her family at Efrat and were at the Kfar Etzion memorial.

At least 50% of the license plates on the cars we passed were of the Palestinian Authority.  We shared the same roads from Jerusalem to Har Choma, throughout Gush Etzion and back to Shiloh, Jews and Arabs, Israelis and Arab residents of the PA.

But I did find an apartheid road and here's the warning sign:

We know that "Palestine" is not a state and so there are no real border crossings or passport presentations.  And Arabs from "A" drive unimpeded into "B" and "C" - there is no similar sign on the other side.

So, apartheid it is.  Directed against Israelis.  It is due to security concerns, it is true, but nevertheless, use of the road is prohibited for people like me.  And if that is okay, well, that solves the problem of so-called "apartheid roads" elsewhere in Judea and Samaria where Arabs are restricted - we are protecting the lives of Jews.



NormanF said...

Israel apartheid instituted by Israelis against Jews - for their own protection of course.

No one thinks that is racist!

Go figure.

Juniper in the Desert said...

Time to ban all the palarabs from all Israeli roads, especially the ones they use to launch merderous attacks on Jews from!! (oops Freudian slip there: murderous attacks, I mean!!)

Anonymous said...

Arabs have been butchering Jews since the 1880's. Their evil religion preaches hate and belongs in the 7th century from whence it came. It is a religion of barbaric clitorectomies, honor killings, slavery, jihad, Shari'a law, lack of the separation of church and state, hatred of Jews and Christians, death penalties for so-called sex crimes, no concept of individual rights etc. It posed the greatest threat to the West.