Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Media and Its Prey

From "The malicious media" by Dr. Haim Shine

When Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that the Likud party would hold early primary elections, the renowned spin doctors of Israel's liberal Left began to smell the stink of general elections. In a classic Pavlovian response, the ammunition comes out and poisoned arrows are fired in every direction. Spirited, serrated arrows sharpened for years by the best self-hating creative Jewish minds. An ancient self-hatred, violent and uncompromising, whose self destruction mechanism has proven dangerous multiple times throughout Jewish history.

...the ultra-Orthodox are the first sector to be subjected to gutter politics with the familiar well-known slogans: attack the ultra-Orthodox, all of them without distinction, in their homes, in their yeshivas, for having too many children, on the bus, in the streets, in their schools, on billboards, at archeological digs – and save the state of Israel...

...There are those among us who are willing to break Israeli society apart and turn it into dust for a few measly Knesset seats. There are those who raise the flag of tolerance and respect but only when it comes to non-Jewish minorities.

There is another group that these knights of human dignity have in their sights: the 'settlers'. All of them, without distinction. Men, women and children who choose to deliver parts of Israel's historic legacy and settle in a reunited Jerusalem. Thanks to cruelty and malicious disinformation, they have become moving targets in the unrestrained shooting range of the media, which fires bullets of incitement at them. The media paints them as an obstacle standing in the way of peace, as lawbreakers and rowdy hilltop youth, as warmongers, as destroyers of the IDF, as land grabbers, as avoiders of singing women and what not.

Every night, those media copywriters sit in dark bars and pat each other on the back for raising the level of repulsion and hatred toward settlers. Only they forget that those same pioneering settlers, who man most elite combat units in the IDF, are the ones who make it possible for them to party every night in Tel Aviv, under a tumultuous Middle Eastern sky...


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