Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Follow-up to the IRS Scrutiny Division on Z Street

Sent this on the Z Street vs. IRS:

I told the CPA who handled the 501 exemption for _____ a couple of years ago about Lori’s lawsuit. Today he sent me an email telling me that his office is working on a tax exemption for a major Jewish religious organization that holds prayer services and Torah classes where each center files for its own exemption. There is no mention of Israel in its application.

They rec’d a letter from the IRS with the following questions:

Does your organization support the existence of the land of Israel?
Describe your organization’s belief system toward the land of Israel.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This is illegal and repressive.

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yoni said...

does your organization support the existence of the irs?

describe your organization's belief system toward the irs.

Shtuey said...

A copy of that letter needs to be given to the attorneys representing Z STREET. And if you could post an image of it on your blog it would be helpful to fight those that are already saying this is simply a Z STREET stunt.

YMedad said...

You're right. And I know that. And if I get it, it first goes to lawyers.

Shtuey said...

I had a link to this post sent to Lori Lowenthal Marcus just to make her aware of it. Hopefully everyone can get connected and help expose this tyrannical nonsense. Thanks for sharing the info.

20/20 tax resolution articles said...

I think these questions are not necessary. I have no idea how does supporting the land of Israel and the organization's belief system is related to any IRS business. This is bad.