Sunday, February 11, 2007

Scott Wilson's "New Settlement"

The Israeli government is funding the first construction of a Jewish settlement in the Old City's Muslim Quarter since taking control of it nearly four decades ago. The Flowers Gate development plan calls for more than 20 apartments and a domed synagogue that would alter the skyline of the Old City.

Source: here.

Well, Scott, try on this Wilson, from the "old Jerusalem":-

Charles Wilson was born in Liverpool and was educated at St. David's, Liverpool Collegiate Institute and Cheltenham College. He obtained a commission in the Royal Engineers in 1855.

In 1864, at the instigation of George Grove, Baroness Angela Burdett Coutts helped finance the Ordnance Survey of Jerusalem. Volunteers were called for from the Royal Engineers to carry out the work and Wilson was selected. The aim of the work was to lay the basis for the improvement of the water supply of Jerusalem, which at the time was severely polluted. In addition to producing a topographical map of the city and its immediate environs, in 1865 the survey party carried out a series of levels from the Mediterranean to the Dead Sea, which established the relative levels of the two bodies for the first time.

And since we';e on the subject of the Temple Mount this week, see his map, here.

Scott, Jerusalem can have no "Jewish settlements". It is a Jewish city, with an Arab minority (never having been an Arab capital even under Abdullah I), and it is the capital of world Jewry.

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