Friday, June 23, 2006

Early Matisyahu

Well, his beard is not quite fully grown in and he doesn't have that special Lubaviych look but it seems it's an early edition of Matisyahu.

Have a look.

As the site editors write:

In this footage Matisyahu appears with The Pey Daled Band. In the first clip Matisyahu and Pey Daled are performing at a "Unity Against Terror" concert held in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, sponsored by the Jewish Legion and the Hatikva Jewish Identity Center, several weeks after 9/11. That concert was probably Matisyahu's biggest gig, until he was rediscovered in 93- 94.

The second clip shows Matisyahu at a "Freedom For Pollard" concert in 2002, at The Ocean Avenue Jewish Center in Brooklyn, also co-sponsored by the Jewish Legion and the Hatikva Jewish Identity Center.

Who would ever have believed that this talented singer was discovered by these two fringe activist Jewish organizations, years before Matisyahu hit it big.

However the claim (*) made by Kach activist Yekutiel Ben-Yaakov is typicla Kahane-hype PR. And since I know Yekutiel (Mike for those in the know) a long time and knew Rav Meir even longer, trust me on this one. Matisyahu was playing because (a) he probably did it for free; (b) he needed exposure; (c) one of his friends invited him; (d) he craved positive attention. Or more.


Yekutiel Ben Yakov, a leader in those groups, who organized the two events said, "We realized that Matisyahu was going to be a big star from the moment we saw him perform at our events."

Ben Yakov, who also served as the co-founder of the outlawed Kahane Chai group added, "Our recognition of Matisyahu's musical talents (Lehavdel) is similar to our recognition of the Torah truth that Rabbi Kahane espoused. While one is Torah teachings and the other is musical, they are both spiritual discoveries.

And what's with this "Lehavdel"? The Besht and the Berdichever never hallowed music and tunes?

And BTW, if you're looking for credit, try the American High School in Israel program where Matisyahu studied in 1995. My cousin-in-law, Chaim Fischgrund adminsiters the school.

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