Thursday, May 25, 2006

So, It's Realignment

Realignment would be a process to allow Israel to build its future without being held hostage to Palestinian terrorist activities. Realignment would significantly reduce the friction between Israelis and Palestinians and prevent much of the conflict between our two battered nations.

Ehud Olmert has finally found a better word that "convergence" and probably didn't like my suggestion of "dimunition".

And how is realignment defined:

1. To put back into proper order or alignment.
2. To make new groupings of or working arrangements between.

And there's another application:-

In US politics, this term refers to occasional historic shifts of public opinion and voter concerns that either undermine or enhance one or another party's traditional base of support.

And in economics, there is a realignment of currencies --
simultaneous and mutually coordinated revaluation and devaluation of the currencies of several countries.

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