Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The "Pinteleh" Yid

Many Jews are proud that yet another member of the tribe, well, one of the tribes, was awarded a Nobel Prize. This time for literature.

He is Harold Pinter.

This article though makes some claims that should unnerve us, among them:-

With his typical contempt for the facts, Pinter has also claimed that Israel has used nuclear weapons against the Palestinians. “Israel has these weapons and has used them,” Pinter assures the dwindling population of readers who still take him seriously. Like the United States, Israel for Pinter is not so much a state as a symbol, an all-powerful force that controls events on a global scale. Thus, in November 2002, Pinter blamed Israel for almost all the violence currently plaguing the world when he charged that Israel’s supposed injustice toward the Palestinians was “the central factor in world unrest.”

Oh, well.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, it's quite interesting that an increasing number of non-Jews and irreligious Jews have similar beliefs about Israel and the Jewish people as a whole. The Torah actually somewhat concurs with their statements! There is the idea that blessings into the world are dispersed through the spot at the Temple (hence why it is the holiest place in the world); next through Yerushalayim; next through Israel; and lastly the remains are given to the world at large. Likewise, curses come into the world through the same process - (but curses are in effect a lack of blessing). If the Jewish people were all doing their utmost to bring blessing to the world - they have the 613 commandments to keep - the world would have to be a better place. Concurrently, if the non-Jewish people kept the Noahide laws which are also outlined in the Torah we would have the perfect world, and then Israel could not be blamed, from within or without, by Pinter and his cronies.